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71pc Pink Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Hacksaw, Mallet, Wire Strippers and a 100pc Wall Hanging Kit
SKU: DT30111


Immerse yourself in the world of DIY with this comprehensive tool set. Tailored to meet high standards, it's designed for a range of tasks from everyday home repairs to detailed projects. The vibrant pink color adds a touch of personality while the robust construction ensures durability.

The beauty of this kit lies in its versatility and convenience. It offers a wide selection of essential tools neatly arranged in a portable toolbox. Whether you're assembling furniture, hanging pictures, or fixing a leaky faucet, this tool set is ready to assist with tasks big and small.


ALL IN ONE - This toolkit is a complete package for any DIY enthusiast. From a handy hacksaw to wire strippers, each tool has been carefully selected to provide maximum utility. The durable steel construction of the tools ensures longevity, while the non-slip handles enhance comfort and efficiency during use.

ORGANIZATION AND MOBILITY - The included toolbox provides an organized storage solution, keeping the tools secure, clean, and easy to locate. The box is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry the toolkit wherever it's needed. The removable internal tray and lid compartments add to the convenience, helping to keep the workspace tidy and organized.

VERSATILITY AND EASE - The toolkit caters to a broad spectrum of tasks. Whether it's installing fixtures, assembling furniture, or handling emergency fixes, these tools are up to the task. The included 100-piece wall hanging kit further enhances the versatility of the set, making tasks like hanging pictures or mounting shelves a breeze.


• 20 x Driver Bits: Fits most commonly used household screw types and sizes.
• Bit Driver Handle: Comes with a comfortable non-slip grip to hold the different driver bits.
• 4 x Full-Length Screwdrivers: Designed for grab-and-go convenience.
• 6 x Precision Screwdrivers: Perfect for handling small screws in household items.
• 16 x Hex/Allen Keys: Ideal for furniture assembly, installing fixtures and fittings, and hex screw bolts.
• Adjustable Crescent Wrench: Useful for tightening and loosening all kinds of fasteners.
• 5 x Combination Spanners: Provides extra turning leverage on nuts and bolts.
• Voltage Probe: Tests electricity points.
• Stripper & Cutter: Designed for wires and cables.
• 3.5m Tape Measure and Spirit Level: Ensures accurate measuring and positioning.
• Claw Hammer and Rubber Mallet: Suitable for soft surfaces.
• Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors: Offers precision cutting.
• Junior Hacksaw with 5 Spares (150mm/6"): Ideal for sawing light materials.
• 100 Piece Wall Hanging Kit: Includes nails, screws, and wall plugs/anchors for fixtures and frames.
• Long-Nose Pliers: Designed to reach in and pull.
• Diagonal Cutters: Perfect for snipping and cutting.
• Large Practical Tool Box: Keeps tools neatly stored. Removable Inner tray. 3 Built-In Lid Storage Compartments


-- Home Repairs: The kit contains all the essential tools for regular home repairs, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.
-- DIY Projects: With its comprehensive range of tools, it's perfect for those who love to engage in creative DIY projects.
-- Furniture Assembly: The included mallet and screwdrivers make assembling furniture a breeze.
-- Wall Decoration: The wall hanging kit makes decorating walls with favorite art pieces or photos effortless.
-- Portable Repairs: Thanks to the compact and sturdy toolbox, the tool kit is ideal for performing repairs on-the-go.

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