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7pc Caulking Removal, Grouting & Silicone Profiling Finishing Kit
SKU: DT30218


Discover the ease of removing and renewing silicone joints with this comprehensive tool kit. The set is designed to cater to all your caulking needs, featuring an array of tools that simplify the process and ensure a professional finish. Whether you're working on a complex project or a simple repair, this kit is your go-to solution.

Included in the kit are five sealant finishing tools, two guides, and a caulk removal tool with interchangeable metal blades. All of these are neatly packed in a practical storage box, ensuring they're always at your fingertips when needed.


EFFICIENT AND EASY - Removing old silicone joints is a breeze with this kit. The silicone removal tool, coupled with the saw blade, makes it easy to get rid of old joints. For residual sealant, the scraping blade comes in handy. This efficient process leaves a clean surface, ready for a fresh application of silicone.

PRECISION AND CONTROL - Achieving perfect silicone caulking is easy with the included guides. These cleverly designed tools help bridge intersections, preventing subsidence and ensuring a smooth finish. The sealant tools, equipped with 90° edges, guarantee that even corners are properly grouted.

VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL - This kit accommodates all standard sealants, making it a versatile choice for various projects. The unique technique of grouting without a separating agent minimizes the risk of mould formation under joints. Plus, any blemishes can be easily reworked without removing the existing joint. All of these features come packed in a practical plastic box, so you'll never lose a tool again.


• Caulking Removal Tool: Comes with three interchangeable metal blades for efficient removal of old silicone.
• Sealant Finishing Tools: Five tools included for a professional finish.
• Guides: Two guides included to help bridge intersections and ensure a smooth finish.
• Practical Storage Box: Keeps all tools in one convenient place.
• Surfaces: Suitable for all smooth, rough, or corrugated surfaces.


-- The kit's efficiency and versatility make it ideal for renewing silicone joints in the kitchen.
-- Ideal for Bathroom Remodelling: With its comprehensive set of tools, this kit is perfect for bathroom remodelling projects.
-- Suitable for DIY Enthusiasts: Its ease of use and practicality make it a must-have for DIY enthusiasts.
-- Essential for Building Professionals: With its precision and control, this kit is an essential tool for building professionals.
-- Great for Maintenance Tasks: Whether it's a simple repair or regular maintenance, this kit simplifies the process.

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