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7pc Hook and Pick Set
SKU: DT30165


This versatile tool set serves as an optimal choice for a range of tasks, including punching, scribing, and removing O-rings. The components have been crafted with meticulous precision, employing heat-treated high carbon steel shafts that ensure longevity and reliability. Moreover, the durable thermoplastic handles augment the overall robustness of the set, promising steadfast performance under rigorous usage.

The sharpness of the tools in this set enhances their reliability and ensures precise execution of tasks. This comprehensive tool set, designed with an emphasis on durability and reliability, stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship, making it an indispensable addition to any toolkit.


DURABILITY REDEFINED - Crafted from heat-treated high carbon steel, the tools in this set boast impressive durability. The shafts resist wear and tear even under strenuous use, ensuring the longevity of the tools. This uncompromising focus on material quality makes the set a reliable choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

COMFORTABLE GRIP - Each tool in the set features a handle made of durable ABS thermoplastic. The material is not only robust but also comfortable to hold. This thoughtful design reduces user fatigue, making it easier to perform tasks that require prolonged tool use.

PRECISE AND DEPENDABLE - The tools in the set are sharp and reliable, making them perfect for tasks that demand precision. Whether it's punching, scribing, or removing O-rings, these tools deliver dependable performance every time. Their versatility makes them a handy addition to any toolbox.


• 2pc Straight Picks: Large and small,
• 2pc Hooks: Large and small
• 2pc 90° Picks: Large and small
• 45° Combination Pick

- Durable ABS handles for comfortable grip
- Heat-treated high carbon steel for enhanced durability and longevity
- Sharp and reliable for a variety of precision tasks


-- Punching: The sharpness and reliability of the tools make them perfect for precise punching tasks.
-- Scribing: The tools are ideal for scribing due to their sharp and dependable features.
-- O-ring Removal: The set includes tools specifically designed for removing O-rings, making this task easier and more efficient.
-- Precision Tasks: The sharpness and reliability of the tools make them suitable for tasks that demand precision.
-- DIY Projects: The durability and versatility of the tools make them an excellent choice for various DIY projects.

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