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81pc Pink 18V Cordless Drill Driver & Home DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Drill Bit Set and Nut Drivers
SKU: DT30335


Introducing a comprehensive DIY set that's perfect for all household repairs and maintenance needs. This kit includes the most commonly used tools, all in one convenient set, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned DIY enthusiasts.

The set features a powerful and versatile 18V cordless power drill driver, perfect for rapid drilling in wood, plastics, and metal. It's portable and rechargeable, designed to finish all screwdriving jobs quickly and efficiently, even in dark spaces thanks to the built-in LED light.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - This DIY set is not just about variety, it's about versatility too. The 18V cordless power drill driver, with its variable speed trigger and direction switch, offers control and precision on different materials. It's perfect for rapid drilling in wood, plastics, and metal, and quickly finishes all screwdriving jobs. Its portable design means you can easily take it wherever you go.

POWER AND DURABILITY - The large 1500mAh battery provides long-lasting power, ensuring you can complete your tasks without constant recharging. The tools included in the set are designed for durability and longevity, giving users the confidence to tackle any DIY project. From opening, installing, wrenching, pulling, to hammering, this set has got you covered.

COMPLETE AND CONVENIENT - The set comes with a tough tool box for easy storage, keeping all tools secure and at your fingertips. It includes popular types and sizes of drill bits, screwdriver bits, and nut driver bits, ensuring you have everything you need for any home improvement task.


• 18V Cordless Drill Driver: Offers up to 550rpm and 18Nm torque.
• 1500mAh Battery Pack: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with wall mains charger plug.
• Work Light: LED light at the base of the drill for better visibility.
• 50mm S2 Steel Driver Bits: Includes PH#1-2-3 SL4-5-5.5-6 SQ#2.
• 25mm S2 Steel Driver Bits: Contains various sizes for different tasks.
• Wood Drill Bits: Includes Brad Point Wood Bits and Spade Wood Bits.
• Metal and Masonry Drill Bits: High Speed Steel Bits and Tungsten-Carbide Tipped Masonry bits included.
• 10 x CRV Nut Drivers: Heat-treated and sand blasted finish for durability.
• Drill Driving Accessories: Includes retracting screw sleeve holder, socket adapter, countersink bit, and demagnetizing block.
• Bit Driver & Screwdrivers: Chrome plated and includes slotted/flat and Phillips types.
• Claw Hammer: Chrome plated and measures 9.8 inches.
• Adjustable Wrench: Chrome plated and measures 1 inch.
• Pliers Set: Nickel plated combination pliers and long/needle nose pliers.
• Storage Case: Fold-out tool box carry case with snap-locks for easy access.


-- Ideal for assembling flat-pack furniture: With the variety of tools included, assembling furniture becomes a breeze.
-- Perfect for basic household repairs: From tightening loose screws to fixing leaky faucets, this set has all the essentials covered.
-- Excellent for DIY projects: Whether it's building a birdhouse or creating a custom piece of furniture, this set provides all the tools needed.
-- Great for car maintenance: The variety of tools makes light work of basic car maintenance tasks like changing a tire or replacing a battery.
-- Useful for outdoor tasks: Whether it's repairing a fence or building a deck, this set is perfect for all types of outdoor DIY tasks.

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