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8pc Pink Home Basic DIY Hand Tool Kit Set including Long Nose Pliers, Adjustable Wrench and a 40pc Wall Hanging Kit
SKU: DT1043


In the realm of home repair and DIY, having a versatile and reliable tool kit is invaluable. This set offers a curated selection of essential tools, each designed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal performance. Crafted from either 45C carbon steel or chrome vanadium steel, these tools have undergone heat treatment for enhanced strength and durability.

The chrome plating not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also provides resistance against corrosion. With the added comfort grip handles, these tools strike a balance between functionality and user comfort, making them ideal for various household tasks.


QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The materials chosen for these tools are not arbitrary. 45C carbon steel and chrome vanadium steel are known for their exceptional strength and durability. They have undergone heat treatment, further enhancing their durability. To top it all, a layer of chrome plating has been added to resist corrosion, ensuring that the tools remain in pristine condition even after repeated use.

COMFORT AND CONTROL - A tool's efficiency is significantly affected by its ease of use. Understanding this, the tools in this kit have been designed with comfort grip handles. These handles reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use and provide greater control over the tool's movement, leading to more accurate and efficient results.

VERSATILITY AND CONVENIENCE - This tool kit is a one-stop solution for most home repairs. It includes a variety of tools, from a measuring tape to a utility knife, covering a broad spectrum of household tasks. Additionally, it comes with a forty-five piece fastener set, adding to its versatility. All these tools adhere to or exceed the ANSI critical standards, attesting to their quality and reliability.


• 12' Measuring Tape: For accurate measurements.
• Phillips #2 x 4" Screwdriver: Ideal for Phillips head screws.
• 6" Long Nose Pliers: Useful for gripping small objects.
• 13 oz Claw Hammer: Perfect for driving in nails.
• 8" Adjustable Wrench: For tightening and loosening various fasteners.
• Utility Knife: For precision cutting tasks.
• Slotted 1/4" x 4" Screwdriver: Suitable for flathead screws.
• Forty Five Piece Wall Hanging Kit of nails, hooks and wall anchors/plugs


-- Home Repairs: The kit contains all the essential tools for regular home repairs, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.
-- DIY Projects: With its comprehensive range of tools, it's perfect for those who love to engage in creative DIY projects.
-- Furniture Assembly: The included adjustable wrench and screwdrivers make assembling furniture a breeze.
-- Wall Decoration: The fasteners make decorating walls with favorite art pieces or photos effortless.
-- Portable Repairs: Thanks to the compact size of the tools, this kit is ideal for performing repairs on-the-go.

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