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969pc Hand Tool Kit Set for Auto Mechanics, Garage and Workshops. Complete with Full Wrenches, Socket Sets and More. All in an Aluminium Tool Box Trolley Case on Wheels


For the professional auto mechanic who needs all of the right tools to get their job done, this comprehensive 969pc hand tool kit is exactly what you need. It boasts an impressive selection of full wrenches, socket sets and more - all neatly organized in a durable yet stylish aluminum trolley case with wheels for easy transport whenever needed.

- 969pc Tool Kit Set
- Aluminium trolley case with wheels
- 37 x 23 x 50cm
- 14kg / 30.9lbs
Notable Items:
- 42pc Socket Set and Accessories with 2pc Ratcheting Wrench Handles
- 48pc Driver Bit Set with Ratcheting Bit Handle
- 20pc Full-Length Screwdrivers
- 9pc Combination Wrenches
- 1pc Hot Glue Gun
- 16pc Hex Key Set
- 1pc Aluminium Torpedo Level
- 6pc Pliers, Snips and Stripper Set including Plumber’s/Water-Pump Pliers




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