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9pcs 6 - 23mm Offset Ring Wrench Set in a Roll-Up Pouch
SKU: DT30243


This set comprises nine offset ring wrenches, each designed with a 75-degree box end for optimal hand clearance in tight workspaces. Crafted from drop-forged steel, these tools offer long-lasting durability, having undergone heat treatment for enhanced strength and chrome plating for resistance against corrosion and rust.

The deep offset design provides not only greater clearance but also improved leverage, making these tools suitable for work in confined spaces. The set includes sizes from 6 to 23mm, making it suitable for a variety of household and auto repair tasks. The wrenches come in a roll-up pouch, with each tool fitting into a printed size pocket for easy organization.


STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Each wrench in the set is constructed from drop-forged steel, offering long-lasting durability. The tools have been heat-treated for maximum strength, and chrome-plated to resist corrosion and rust. This ensures that they can withstand heavy-duty use and harsh environments, making them a reliable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

EFFICIENT DESIGN - The wrenches feature a 12-point box end, providing reliable torque to tighten or loosen any bolt without rounding. The 75-degree offset on one side creates room for hands in tight workspaces, ensuring comfortable and efficient operation. The deep offset also offers greater clearance and leverage, making these tools ideal for use in confined spaces.

VERSATILE AND ORGANIZED - The set includes an excellent range of metric wrenches, from 6mm to 23mm, suitable for various household and auto repair tasks. The wrenches are stored in a roll-up pouch, with each tool fitting into a printed size pocket, facilitating easy organization and quick access. This makes the set a practical solution for both home and professional use.


• Material: Drop-forged, heat-treated steel with chrome plating for corrosion and rust resistance.
• Design: 75-degree offset box end for hand clearance in tight spaces.
• Sizes: Includes nine metric wrenches - 6 - 7mm, 8 - 9mm, 10 - 11mm, 12 - 13mm, 14 - 15mm, 16 - 17mm, 18 - 19mm, 20 - 22mm, and 21 - 23mm.
• Packaging: Comes in a roll-up pouch with printed size pockets for easy organization.


-- Home Maintenance: The set's wide range of sizes makes it ideal for various household tasks, from assembling furniture to fixing appliances.
-- Auto Repairs: With its robust construction and efficient design, these wrenches are perfect for automotive tasks, such as changing tires or replacing parts.
-- Professional Use: Its durable construction and unique features make this set a reliable choice for professional mechanics and contractors.
-- DIY Projects: The versatility of the set makes it a valuable tool for a wide array of DIY tasks, from building shelves to installing hardware.
-- Portable Tool Kit: The inclusion of a roll-up storage pouch makes it an essential component of any portable tool kit.

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