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12 Best Wholesale Gardening Tools Suppliers To Kickstart Your Brand

Updated: May 15

Wholesale Gardening Tool Suppliers

If you're thinking about starting a gardening tool line, one of the most important steps will be to identify a gardening tool wholesale supplier or manufacturer.

We've discovered that finding a supplier for your gardening tool company is one of the most challenging aspects of launching a business, and it's often where entrepreneurs meet a roadblock.

The main reason for this is that there are so many options available that selecting the ideal wholesale supplier for your gardening tool business can be difficult.

To make the outreach process easier for you, we've selected and analyzed the top wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for your gardening tools line.

Gairdin - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

Looking to kickstart your gardening tool brand with the best wholesale suppliers? Get started

Gairdín, pronounced “Gar-Jean”, is the Gaelic Irish word for garden. Inspired by its rich art, its gardening product design cues feature natural lines and smooth curves, hand-in-hand with modern functionality and practicality. They specialise in environmentally friendly custom designs made from recycled and sustainable raw materials like Ocean-Bound Plastics and Algae-Blended Resin.

Gairdin are a division of Diversitech Global comprising 20 years of industrial expertise in Product Design, Manufacture and Packaging. Whether it's in initial design or final packaging, find originality and innovation in their products with sustainable materials always top-most in their mind.

Cobrahead - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

CobraHead LLC was founded to develop and market their very distinctive Weeder and Cultivator gardening tool. Its unique blade design made it a multi-purpose hand tool for use in flower gardening and agriculture. Their other tools also incorporate the same blade technology and are becoming well known for providing quality workmanship that lasts season after season.

CobraHead welcomes garden tool resellers. Their products are preferred by gardeners and are easy to market if you have a garden center, retail shop, web store, or catalog.

Bully Tools - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

They are a company that values both quality and affordability and control costs with in-house manufacturing from their modern Ohio facilities built-in 2006. These advancements allow them to not only provide high-end products for distributors but also ensure their durability so they will last long.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable garden tool supplier, Bully Tools is a perfect choice. With years of experience in the industry, Bully Tools offers competitive pricing and discounts on all wholesale orders.

4. Brinly

Brinly - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

Working on the lawn is hard work. Brinly designs and builds quality attachments for tractors, ATVs/UTVs to make it easier than ever before! The company's products promotes a healthy green garden - one that will also be sustainable in the long run. They have all gardening lawn supplies covered. From lawn aerators, dethatchers and sweepers to utility carts for hauling dirt or spreading seed on prepared ground - even heavy-duty tractor plows!

Their product line is one of the most comprehensive in lawn and garden attachments. They sell their items to distributer, wholesalers and also professionals who service large homes, universities or businesses.

5. Melnor

Melnor - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

Melnor, a leader in home irrigation and lawn care equipment has been providing wholesalers with quality products for over 7 decades! They introduced the first successful oscillating sprinkler system that is perfect to use around your property or business since it can cover large areas quickly without getting too tiresome on one spot!

The company's commitment towards innovation set them apart from other brands offering similar services; they've constantly improved their product line through constant updates including new features like internet controlled watering cycles so your lawns, flowers and plants will always stay watered.

Root Assassin LLC

Root Assassin wants you to work efficiently and speedily with your landscaping tools as much as possible. That’s why their team of experts conduct research with industry professionals to find out what everyone needs. They then design and manufacture durable and ergonomic products that cover all bases at an affordable price point - so even weekend and part-time gardeners look forward to some hard work in the garden and outdoors.

Manufacturing accessories for digging, planting, pruning and cutting, Root Assassin LLC are confident in their products, hence making them open to wholesale and distributors worldwide.

Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener's Supply Company has been helping gardeners grow their way of life for over 30 years. Hailing from Vermont, they provide everything needed for successful home cultivation, including high-quality seeds to help gardener have more fun and success in the soil.

They are also the nationwide supplier in growing equipment, supplies and information to make sure gardeners and retailers have better experience than ever before! As they continue expanding, their commitment is to provide tried-and-tested products that make outdoor space a green adventure every day!

Fence Armour - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

Fence Armor is the perfect solution for gardeners who want to protect their fence posts from damage caused by powered trimmers and other lawn equipment. Fences, signboards/mailboxes are also protected with this North American durable galvanized steel product!

Fence Armor is committed to creating and maintaining beautiful environments that are sustainable, scalable and economical. With products made with recycled material and no need for harvesting trees or other resources that impact our planet - their distributors get to play a part in environmental sustainability.

Centurion - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

If you want an edge in your industry, Centurion is where it's at. They never stop innovating and refining their gardening tools for all kinds of retailers! Using only quality materials alongside cutting edge ergonomic research means no matter what task must be completed, there will always be satisfaction knowing this particular tool was made just right by people who know their stuff. Whether you are a simple gardener or a retailer business who does landscaping frequently, they offer great price points that fit any budget.

Foxgloves - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

Foxgloves specialize in providing the ultimate garden glove that is both comfortable and durable. They have been around for over 20 years, changing how people interact with their gardens by designing a form-fitting classic look that includes an unmatched level of comfort but also provides durability so you can protect your hands when needed most! Whether you want bare-handed sensitivity, non-slip protection or elbow-length gauntlets with thorns resistance, Foxgloves has what you need.

Partnering with Foxgloves and becoming a retailer is quite easy. For full information on how to become a retailer visit Foxgloves wholesale family page

Maine Garden Products - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

What's more Maine than a fresh apple? Heirloom quality home and garden accessories are produced by the talented folks at Maine Garden Products. They have been crafting fine home and garden beds for over 20 years. Maine Garden Products is committed to providing the highest quality garden supplies. They have expanded their line-up of products with raised beds, cedar planter boxes and unique greenhouse modules made from green lumber that's been milled right in their own sawmill!

Radius Green - Wholesale Gardening Tool Manufacturers

Gardeners are injured every year while they're growing plants, many of which can be prevented by better designs.

Radius Garden was founded because it bothered us that traditional gardening tools force you to use your hands and wrists in ways that may cause injuries. They strive to improve the safety rate for gardeners and their distributors by producing equipment that is not only more durable but also allows use without worrying about injury.


As you can see, there are a lot of great gardening tool wholesalers on the market. If you're looking for a trustworthy supplier to launch your garden tool brand, then consider contacting one of these top brands. Not only do their tools make gardening experience easier, but most also help to protect the environment with products that were manufactured with sustainable materials and eco-friendly designs.

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Looking to kickstart your gardening tool brand with the best wholesale suppliers? Get started


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