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101pc Multi Bits Screwdriver & Ratcheting Handle Tool Set Kit
SKU: DT40303


Embrace the power of versatility with an all-encompassing 101-piece set, tailored to cater to a vast range of home, workshop, and DIY needs. This meticulously designed kit ensures that the right tool is always at hand, making every task achievable.

The set is a perfect solution for tackling repairs and installations. It's designed to handle diverse projects from fixing appliances and electronic gadgets to installing fixtures. With this reliable and robust kit, expertise level becomes irrelevant - it's a must-have addition for any toolbox or workshop.


ROBUST TOOL SELECTION - The set includes a variety of hardened Cr-V alloy bits, ensuring longevity and reliability. Whether it's Pozidriv, Tamper Proof Torx / Star and Hex Allen, Triangle, Square, Torq, Tri-Wing, XZN Spline, or more, this kit offers a complete range of options tailored to each unique task.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Featuring a two-direction ratchet handle for effortless continuous turning and a magnetic feature for secure bit hold. The kit also includes handy adaptors for wing nuts, hooks, and 1/4 drive sockets, making it compatible with power drill drivers.

ORGANIZED AND PORTABLE - Keeping track of various bits becomes easy with the compact storage case. It not only keeps the bits neatly arranged and easily accessible but also makes transporting the toolkit a breeze. It's the perfect solution for those constantly on the move with their projects.


• Magnetic Ratcheting Bit holder: No loss of turning position with forward-reverse-lock functions. Comfortable grip with chunky rubberised handle.
• Accessory Bits: 1/4" Driver Socket Adapter 25mm for socket turning and 2 x Drill Driver Extension Bits for powered turning.
• Special Bits: Wing Nut Driver for turning wing nuts and Hook Installer Bit for screwing in hooks.
• Various Bit Types: Slotted (Metric: 3-8mm), Phillips (#0-#3), Pozidriv (#0-#3), Hex/Allen (SAE: 1/16-1/4", Metric: 1.5-8mm), Tamperproof/Security Hex Allen (2-6mm, 5/64-9/64”), Torx (T8-T55), Tamper Proof/Security Torx (T8-T40), Square (#0-#3), Pin Spanner (Tamper Proof: #4-#10), Torq (Tamper Proof: #6-#10), Tri-Wing (#1-#4 tamper resistant), Clutch (#1-#3), and XZN Spline Flange (M5-M8).
• Storage Tray Box: Compact size of 9.45 x 6.3 x 1.97 inches for easy organization and transportation.


-- Tackling repairs and installations with the wide range of bits, making it an ideal solution for fixing appliances, electronic gadgets or installing fixtures.
-- The ratchet handle and adaptors are designed to handle a variety of tasks, offering flexibility and convenience.
-- The hardened Cr-V alloy bits are robust and reliable, making them suitable for long-term use.
-- The compact storage case ensures that the toolkit is always organized and ready for use, which is crucial for professionals constantly on the move.
-- The magnetic feature of the bits ensures a secure hold, reducing the risk of losing small screws during work.

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