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151pc Standard & Precision Bit Driver Set. Includes Ratcheting Handle and Pliers
SKU: DT40524


The comprehensive set comes with 151 pieces, offering a variety of bit types and sizes to cater to every need. Crafted from durable chrome-vanadium steel and coated with white nickel, these precision-machined bits ensure reliable strength and corrosion-resistant performance.

For secure storage and transport, the set is neatly packed in a sturdy blow-moulded carrying case. This ensures that all components remain organized and readily available for use, making it an ideal addition to any homeowner's or handyman's toolkit.


MACHINED QUALITY - The set features precision-machined bits made of high-grade chrome-vanadium steel, known for its durability. Coated with white nickel, these bits offer an added layer of protection against corrosion, ensuring they stand the test of time even with frequent use.

VERSATILITY IN ONE SET - The kit includes 53 standard screwdriver bits, 35 security screwdriver bits, 12 screwdriver nut bits, and 24 precision screwdriver bits. It also comes with a ratchet screwdriver handle and a magnetic extension bit holder, providing all the necessary tools for a wide range of tasks.

EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORT - All these components are securely stored in a robust blow-moulded carrying case. This feature allows for easy transport and ensures that all pieces remain organized, making this set a practical choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


• 53 Standard Screwdriver Bits: Made of chrome-vanadium steel with a smooth sandblasted finish for durability and corrosion resistance.
• 35 Security Screwdriver Bits: Precision machined for a secure fit, ensuring efficient performance.
• 12 Screwdriver Nut Bits: Ideal for various fastening applications.
• 24 Precision Screwdriver Bits: Perfect for intricate tasks requiring high accuracy.
• Ratchet Screwdriver Handle: Facilitates easy and quick screwing and unscrewing.
• Magnetic Extension Bit Holder: Helps hold screws in place for convenient installation or removal.
• 24 Precision Screwdriver Bits Set with Case: For organized storage and easy access.
• Mini Plier: Handy tool for gripping, bending, and cutting.


-- Home improvement projects due to the variety of bit types and sizes included.
-- Ideal for professional use, thanks to the high-quality chrome-vanadium steel bits that ensure reliable performance.
-- Suitable for repairing electronic devices, as it includes precision screwdriver bits for intricate tasks.
-- Handy for DIY enthusiasts who require a comprehensive set of tools for various tasks.
-- Beneficial for on-the-go repairs or installations, owing to the sturdy carrying case that allows for easy transport.

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