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10pc Mini Pliers and Precision Screwdrivers Tool Kit Set
SKU: DT14131


An essential range of mini-pliers and precision screwdrivers, this tool set offers a blend of durability and precision. The screwdrivers are crafted from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, ensuring resistance to both corrosion and rust. This robust construction enhances longevity, providing users with a dependable toolset for extended periods.

The pliers included in the set come with a self-opening spring design that allows for effortless cutting action. They are ideally sized for detailed projects, making them an invaluable addition to any toolbox. Their compact size coupled with their ability to handle delicate parts makes them suitable for a wide array of applications.


LONGLIFE DURABILITY - These screwdrivers are crafted from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel. This material is renowned for its strength and toughness, surpassing most carbon steel types. This results in increased durability and an extended service life, offering users a reliable toolset for a multitude of tasks.

ENHANCED GRIP - Each tool in the set features a non-slip, anti-sweat handle for maximum comfort and grip. The precision screwdrivers come with a swivel end cap, allowing for constant finger pressure during use. This feature, combined with the non-slip rubber handle grips, ensures maximum turning power for any project.

VERSATILE MINI PLIERS - The set includes four types of 115mm mini pliers: diagonal, end-cutting, long-nose, and bent-nose. Each plier is fitted with a double leaf spring, allowing it to remain open for easy cutting action. This feature makes these pliers perfect for precision work in tight spaces.


• Mini Pliers: 4 pieces (115mm diagonal pliers, 115mm long nose pliers, 115mm end nipper pliers, 115mm bent-nose pliers)
- Compact size, perfect for detail projects
- Self-opening spring design for easy cutting action
• Precision Screwdrivers: 6 pieces (T9x50mm, T7x50mm, T6x50mm, T10x50mm, PH00x50mm)
- Made of heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, offering superior strength and durability
- Non-slip handle for maximum torque and comfort


-- Jewelry Making: The precision control feature allows for meticulous crafting.
-- Electronic Equipment Repair: The set is ideal for tasks like working on ignition systems, intake valves, seals, and more.
-- Crafting: Versatile tool shapes allow for intricate crafting work.
-- DIY Projects: The robust construction and range of tools cater to various DIY requirements.
-- Professional Use: The high-quality materials and versatile tool shapes make it suitable for professional use.

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