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3pc Locking Pliers Set. 5, 7, 10" Curved Jaw Pliers with Comfort-Hold Grips
SKU: DT40383


Experience the perfect blend of strength and comfort with this three-piece set of curved jaw locking pliers. Each tool is designed to provide a firm, secure grip on fasteners and unusually shaped items. The comfort grips ensure a nonslip hold, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

The unique design of these pliers allows them to adapt to any bolt or nut style. Made from heat-treated carbon steel, they offer superior durability and gripping power. Soft handles are incorporated to ensure comfort and control, making these tools a reliable choice for any task.


UNMATCHED VERSATILITY - This set of locking pliers boasts a unique ability to grip any style of bolt or nut. Its curved jaw design makes it adaptable to a wide range of fasteners and odd-shaped items. With each tool in the set, you can confidently tackle various tasks, no matter how challenging they might be.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Crafted from heat-treated carbon steel, these pliers promise exceptional durability. They’re designed to withstand rigorous use without compromising their performance. A nickel-plated coating adds an extra layer of protection, preventing corrosion and enhancing the longevity of these tools.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - With soft grip handles, these pliers provide a comfortable and secure hold. This design feature enhances control during use, reducing hand fatigue and improving efficiency. Plus, the quick-release function ensures easy positioning, making these pliers a pleasure to work with.


• Curved Jaw Locking Plier - 5 in. size
• Curved Jaw Locking Plier - 7 in. size
• Curved Jaw Locking Plier - 10 in. size
Quick release for easy positioning
Heat-treated carbon steel construction for durability
Nickel-plated coating for corrosion resistance
Soft, rubberized grip material for comfortable handling


-- Ideal for tasks that require a strong grip on fasteners and odd-shaped items, thanks to their unique curved jaw design.
-- Suitable for projects that involve various bolt or nut styles, due to their adaptability.
-- Perfect for tasks that require durable tools, thanks to their heat-treated carbon steel construction.
-- Great for jobs that demand prolonged use of tools, thanks to their soft grip handles.
-- Essential for tasks in corrosive environments, due to their nickel-plated coating.

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