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11pc 1000V VDE Insulated SAE Nut Driver Set. Electrician's Household and Garage Tool Kit Set
SKU: DT40564


Unleash hardware potential with our 1000V AC rated precision SAE Nut Drivers Set. Crafted to tackle electrical tasks head-on, these tools come with insulated handles and robust construction to ensure electrical safety

With no compromise on safety, our tools are VDE-marked, signifying their safe use around live wires. They've been rigorously tested to meet high standards. But it's not just about safety; these tools deliver unmatched precision making them your reliable partner for all your electrical installation projects.


SAFETY FIRST - Take confidence in knowing that each tool in this set is individually tested to 10,000 volts AC and rated to 1,000 volts AC. This ensures your safety and peace of mind when working on energized applications. Our tools meet ASTM F1505, EN/IEC 60900, NFPA-70E, CSA, VDE Insulation specifications, marking them as the industry’s safest.

PRECISION AND CONTROL - Get a grip on your projects with our non-slip cushion grip handle. It offers both comfort and control, making your tasks smoother and more efficient. Moreover, our exact fit precision machined tips reduce cam-out, enhancing safety and effectiveness during use.

DURABILITY GUARANTEED - Our tools are built to last. Each handle is directly molded to the blade for a permanent bond, and the insulation is molded on for maximum durability. Forged from quality tool steel, expect years of robust and reliable service.


• 11pc 1000V VDE Insulated SAE Nut Driver Set:
• Includes 11 Nut Drivers, SAE Sizes from 5/32" to 5/8".
• Each tool tested to 10,000 volts AC and rated to 1,000 volts AC.
• Meets ASTM F1505, EN/IEC 60900, NFPA-70E, CSA, VDE specifications.
• Features non-slip cushion grip handle for comfort and control.
• Handle directly molded to the blade for durability.
• Each tool tested for insulation integrity.
• Handle and insulation molded on for resilience.
• Tip profiles printed on handle cap for easy identification.
• Precision machined tips reduce cam-out


-- Home Appliance Maintenance: The comprehensive range from 5/32" to 5/8" SAE sizes ensures homeowners have the right tool for tightening or loosening nuts on various home appliances, ensuring a snug fit and safe operation.

-- Automotive Repairs: Perfect for auto enthusiasts and mechanics, this nut driver set provides the necessary sizes for automotive electrical work, including battery terminal changes and wiring repairs, with insulated handles for added safety.

-- Electrical Panel Updates: Electricians can safely use these insulated nut drivers when updating or installing new electrical panels, providing protection against electric shock while ensuring precise torque application.

-- HVAC System Servicing: The durability and size variety of this set make it ideal for HVAC technicians who require reliable tools for adjusting components within heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

-- Assembly and Installation of Furniture: DIY enthusiasts will find the non-slip cushion grip handles and precision machined tips invaluable for assembling flat-pack furniture and installing metal fixtures, offering comfort and control during the process.

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