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5pc 1000V VDE Insulated Pliers, Cutters and Screwdrivers. Home Electrician's Tool Kit Set
SKU: DT40562


Experience safety and functionality with our insulated pliers, snips and screwdrivers. Tailored for work near live electricity, these heavy-duty tools bear the VDE seal, ensuring they meet rigorous safety standards.

Beyond safety, these tools boast superior mechanical properties. From the precision of the diagonal snips to the stability of the screwdrivers, they offer unmatched performance in handling electrical installations. Gear up with confidence and tackle any task with ease.


MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY - Discover a new standard in tool performance with our 9" High Leverage Combination Pliers and 8" High Leverage Diagonal Cutters. Requiring 35% and 20% less effort respectively than their conventional counterparts, these tools are forged for tough, continuous use. Each features 1000V multi-component grips, ASTM F1505-tested for your safety.

UNPARALLELED PERFORMANCE - Engineered for superior functionality, our pliers and cutters ensure easier cutting, powerful gripping, bending, and pulling. The combination pliers have long cutting edges for thicker cables and gripping zones for varied materials. The diagonal cutters offer high cutting performance with minimum effort, thanks to the optimal coordination of cutting-edge angle and transmission ratio.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Our three Insulated Screwdrivers combine practicality and comfort. Designed to prevent rolling and enable a strong hand force, they offer a comfortable grip. They're 1000V VDE tested and made from Chrome vanadium molybdenum steel.


• 9" High Leverage Combination Pliers-1000V Insulated
• High leverage design decreases required effort by 35%
• Cutting edge hardness approximately 63 HRC for heavy-duty tasks
• Long cutting edges suitable for thicker cables
• Gripping zones for versatile use with flat and round materials
• 1000V multi-component grips tested to ASTM F1505 standards
• Made from high-grade special tool steel, forged and multistage oil-hardened

8" High Leverage Diagonal Cutters-1000V Insulated
• 20% less effort needed compared to conventional cutters of the same length
• Forged-on axle ideal for heavy-duty work
• 1000V multi-component grips tested to ASTM F1505 standards
• High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting-edge angle and transmission ratio
• Precision cutting edges induction hardened (approximately 64 HRC)
• Made from chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged and multistage oil-hardened

Three Insulated Screwdrivers
• Handle design prevents rolling and features a hang hole for storage
• Comfortable grip for strong hand force
• 1000V VDE tested for safety
• Made from chrome vanadium molybdenum steel for durability
• Set includes #2 Square Drive Screwdriver (4"), 5/32" Slotted Screwdriver (5"), and P2 Screwdriver (4")


-- Efficient Cable Installation and Maintenance: The 9" High Leverage Combination Pliers are perfect for electricians who frequently work with thick cables, offering ease of cutting and manipulation with less effort.

-- High Precision Cutting Tasks: The 8" High Leverage Diagonal Cutters are designed for professionals requiring precise cuts in heavy-duty materials, reducing fatigue with their optimized leverage.

-- Secure Electrical Panel Work: The insulated screwdrivers, including the #2 Square Drive and P2, provide electricians the safety and precision needed when installing or repairing electrical panels and components.

-- Versatile Wiring Applications: With gripping zones for flat and round materials, the combination pliers are ideal for a wide range of tasks, from bending wires to gripping and pulling components.

-- Safe and Durable Tool Set for DIY Projects: DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the 1000V insulation and durable construction of the entire kit for safely tackling home electrical projects with confidence.

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