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3pc 1000V VDE Insulated Combination Pliers, Long-Nose Pliers and Cutters. Electrician's and Linesman's Tool Kit Set
SKU: DT40565


Find safety and functionality with these practical pliers and cutters. Ideal for home DIY tasks, these tools feature insulated handles for safe use around electricity, coupled with robust construction for durability.

Our tools are VDE-marked, a testament to their safety when dealing with live wires. Rigorously tested against stringent standards, for peace of mind while working on all electrical projects. With their exceptional cutting performance, precision, and stability, these tools are the reliable choice


SUPERIOR GRIP AND PRECISION - Experience the power of precision with our 8" Long Nose Pliers. These pliers feature elastic and distortion-tolerant tips perfect for intricate tasks. The slim long nose is ideal for confined areas and they're crafted from vanadium steel for durability.

CUTTING-EDGE PERFORMANCE - Our 8" Combination Pliers offer unparalleled functionality. With cutting edge hardness suitable for heavy-duty cutting, these pliers make every task easier. Made from high-grade special tool steel, they're built to last.

DURABLE AND EFFICIENT - The 8" Diagonal Cutters are designed for tough, continuous use. They feature a forged-on axle for heavy-duty work and offer high cutting performance with minimal effort. These cutters, made from chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, are crafted for longevity.


8" Long Nose Pliers with Cutter - 1000V Insulated
• Elastic and stable tips that remain distortion-tolerant, ideal for precision work
• Hardened cutting edges (approx. 61 HRC) suitable for soft, medium hard and hard wire
• Slim long nose design perfect for working in confined areas

8" Combination Pliers - 1000V Insulated
• Cutting edge hardness (approx. 63 HRC) designed for heavy-duty cutting tasks
• Versatile gripping zones for flat and round material
• Long cutting edges useful for handling thicker cables

8" Diagonal Cutters - 1000V Insulated
• Forged-on axle built for heavy-duty work and continuous use
• Precision cutting edges induction hardened (approx. 64 HRC), capable of cutting several types of wire including piano wire
• High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting-edge angle and transmission ratio


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