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12pc Compact Computer & Electronics Repair Tool Kit Set with Pliers, Cutters and Screwdrivers
SKU: DT37001


For those who value self-reliance and the satisfaction of completing their own computer repairs, a well-curated tool kit is indispensable. This compact set, featuring various pliers, cutters, and screwdrivers, is designed with a focus on versatility and convenience. Crafted from high-quality steel alloy, these tools are not only durable but also precisely engineered for optimal performance.

Discover the ultimate toolkit, designed to empower your DIY projects with precision, versatility, and durability. These tools promise long-lasting reliability and are neatly packed in a portable case, ready to go wherever your projects take you.


ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR EVERY TASK - This kit boasts an assortment of essential tools, each designed to cater to a different need. The 4.5in needle/long nose pliers are perfect for bending, cutting, and repositioning wires, while the 4.5in diagonal cutters offer precision in every cut. And for those tasks that require a firm grip, the 4.5in combination pliers are just what you need.

PRECISION AND VERSATILITY - The kit includes both full-size and precision screwdrivers to ensure you have the right tool for every job. From larger screws that require the robust grip of the SL1; PH1 screwdrivers to smaller, more intricate tasks suited to the precision screwdrivers (SL2-2.4-3.0, PH00-PH0-PH1), this kit has it all.

QUALITY THAT LASTS - Each tool in this kit is made from high-quality steel alloy, ensuring durability and longevity. These aren't tools that will wear out after a few uses; they're built to last, providing dependable service for years. And with everything neatly packed into a compact tool case, you can easily take your toolkit with you wherever your projects lead.


• 4.5in Needle/Long Nose Pliers: Ideal for bending, repositioning, and cutting wire.
• 4.5in Diagonal Cutters: Perfect for precision cutting tasks.
• 4.5in Combination Pliers: Provides a firm grip for various tasks.
• 4.5in Bent Nose Pliers: Facilitates handling of small parts.
• Full-size Screwdrivers - SL1; PH1: Useful for a variety of screwdriving tasks.
• Precision Screwdrivers - SL2-2.4-3.0: Designed for intricate tasks requiring precision.
• Precision Screwdrivers - PH00-PH0-PH1: Perfect for handling smaller screws.
• Compact Tool Case: Allows for easy storage and transportation of tools.


-- Home Electrical Repairs: The variety of pliers and cutters makes this kit ideal for electrical repairs at home.
-- Computer Repairs: The precision screwdrivers are perfect for repairing computers, especially for handling small components.
-- DIY Electronics Projects: The wide variety of tools and the versatility they offer make this kit suitable for various DIY electronics projects.
-- Gadget Disassembly and Assembly: The precision tools in this kit are useful for disassembling and reassembling gadgets.
-- Workshop Use: Given its comprehensive nature and the quality of the tools, this kit is ideal for use in professional workshops.

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