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28pc Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set including S2 Steel Driver Bits
SKU: DT30282


Offering a comprehensive solution for the tech-savvy DIY enthusiast, this toolkit features an array of tools designed specifically for electronic and computer repairs. From replacing a broken screen to upgrading a device's battery, this kit provides the necessary tools for basic to advanced electronic repair tasks.

The toolkit is not limited to electronics repair only; it also serves as a reliable companion for most household DIY fixes. The high-quality components are housed in a secure case with foam inserts and magnetic closure, ensuring safe storage and easy transport.


VERSATILITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - This toolkit isn't just about providing the necessary tools; it's about versatility. The 16 precision bits, made from high-quality S2 steel, ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices. Moreover, the precision screwdriver features a magnetic bit socket, knurled grip, and swivel top, making operation a breeze.

CRAFTED FOR CONVENIENCE - The case's foam insert keeps all tools neatly organized, while its magnetic closure ensures everything stays in place during transportation. The inside of the lid doubles as a sorting tray, adding to the convenience factor of this toolkit.

QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Quality is a key aspect of this toolkit. The 16 precision bits are made from high-quality S2 steel, ensuring they fit properly into screws, thereby protecting both the bit and the fasteners from damage. All tools are ESD safe, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.


• Pry Bar / Lever Opening Tool: For prying open cases without causing damage.
• Angled Precision Tweezers: For handling small parts.
• 4mm Bit Driver with Integrated SIM Eject: For removing SIM cards safely.
• Suction Handle: For lifting screens without leaving marks.
• Opening Picks (Set of Six): For separating parts without causing damage.
• Sixteen 4mm Precision Screwdriver Bits: Made from high-quality S2 steel for a precise fit.
• Spudger: For manipulating small wires and connectors.
• Jimmy - Metal Blade Lever: For prying open cases and removing components.


-- DIY Electronic Repairs: Ideal for fixing common issues like broken screens and faulty batteries in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
-- Game Console Maintenance: Perfect for maintaining and repairing game consoles for optimal performance.
-- PC Upgrades: Enables users to upgrade their PC components safely and efficiently.
-- Household DIY Fixes: Versatile enough to handle most household DIY fixes.
-- Jewelry and Glasses Repairs: The precision tools are perfect for delicate tasks like fixing glasses and jewelry.

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