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12pc Electronics Repair & Opening Tool Kit Set including ESD Wrist Strap, Pry & Pick Tools and Scalpel with Extra Blades
SKU: DT40150


A comprehensive set of tools is essential for any DIY enthusiast or professional who frequently works on electronic devices. This 12-piece kit offers a versatile solution, providing all the necessary equipment to tackle a wide range of repairs and installations. With everything from tweezers and pry bars to an anti-static wrist strap, it's designed to make the process of working on computers, drones, game consoles, and other gadgets straightforward and hassle-free.

The kit comes in a compact, splash-proof zipper case, making it easy to keep all the tools organized and protected. It's ideal for those who need a portable solution for their repair and installation needs, whether they're working at home or on the go.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - The kit includes a variety of tools designed to handle a multitude of tasks. Whether it's opening up cases, removing screws, or extracting fiddly components, these tools make the job easier. The inclusion of wire strippers and cutters further extends the kit's usefulness, allowing users to prepare cables for installation or repair.

DESIGNED FOR PRECISION - Each tool in the kit is crafted for precision. The tweezers, for example, are ideal for handling small, delicate components, while the pry bars and picks make it simple to open up cases without causing damage. The scalpel, with its extra blades, is perfect for precise cutting tasks.

SAFETY FIRST - Working with electronics can be risky, but this kit helps mitigate those risks. The anti-static wrist strap, for example, prevents static shocks that could damage sensitive components. This focus on safety makes the kit a reliable choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


• 2pc Precision ESD Tweezers: TS-13; TS-1 variants with protective end-cap for handling delicate components.
• 2pc Metal Pry Bars: Designed for prying open covers, panels, and bezels without causing damage.
• 2 x Plastic Pry Bar/Lever and 1 x Triangle Pick Separating Tools: Useful for separating components during disassembly.
• Suction Cup: Facilitates lifting of panels and screens.
• Stainless Steel Tweezers: Ideal for handling small, fiddly components.
• Anti-static Wrist Strap: Prevents static shocks to ESD components.
• Scalpel / Hobby-Craft Knife: Comes with extra blades for precise cutting tasks.
• 2pc Metal Pick Tools: Useful for picking up small components and wires.


'-- Computer Repair: The precision tools make it easy to replace faulty components or upgrade existing ones.
-- Drone Maintenance: The kit includes everything needed to keep drones in top shape, from tweezers for handling delicate parts to a scalpel for precise cutting tasks.
-- Game Console Upgrades: The pry bars and picks make it simple to open up consoles for upgrades or repairs.
-- Gadget Repairs: With tools designed for precision and safety, gadget repairs can be carried out with confidence.
-- DIY Tasks: The versatility of the kit makes it suitable for a wide range of everyday home DIY tasks.

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