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12pc Electronics Repair Soldering Iron Set Kit including 60W Adjustable Temperature Iron
SKU: DT30289


For the discerning home repair enthusiast or the budding DIY hobbyist, a reliable and versatile soldering iron kit is an essential addition to their toolbox. This 12-piece set, complete with a 60W adjustable temperature iron, offers just that - a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of soldering projects.

From household repairs to intricate jewelry making, this kit's wide applicability and user-friendly features make it a worthy investment. The inclusion of a temperature control knob and an on/off switch elevates its usability, ensuring optimal performance tailored to each unique task.


SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE - The soldering iron in this kit comes equipped with an on/off switch, a feature that ensures safety while also conserving energy. This allows users to have complete control over the tool's operation, turning it off when not in use, thus avoiding unnecessary power consumption and prolonging the lifespan of the iron. The insulating silica gel cover also plays a vital role in preventing the iron from overheating, enhancing safety during usage.

EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE - The soldering iron boasts ceramic-core induction technology, which enables it to heat up quickly and maintain a steady temperature during use. The temperature can be easily adjusted between 392℉ and 842℉ (200℃ - 450℃) using the temperature knob, allowing users to tailor the heat level to the specific requirements of their project. This feature, coupled with the four ventilation holes for quick heat dissipation, ensures efficient and consistent performance.

VERSATILITY AND COMFORT - The kit includes five different soldering iron tips, each designed for a unique type of work. This versatility makes the kit suitable for a plethora of tasks, from repairing a computer or a TV to working on a guitar or a watch. Additionally, the wire cutter included in the set features an anti-slip handle, ensuring comfort during use and enabling easy cutting and stripping of cables of various sizes.


• Soldering Iron with ON/OFF Switch: Ensures safety and energy conservation.
• Adjustable Temperature Knob: Allows heat control between 392℉ and 842℉ (200℃ - 450℃).
• Heat-resistant Silica Gel Cover: Prevents the iron from overheating.
• Four Ventilation Holes: Promote quick heat dissipation for efficient performance.
• Desoldering Pump: High-pressure vacuum tube with aluminum body frame for easy solder removal.
• Five Soldering Iron Tips: Cater to different types of work.
• Wire Cutter with Anti-slip Handle: Ensures comfort during use and facilitates easy cable cutting and stripping.
• Durable Carry Bag: Provides convenient storage and portability for the entire kit.


-- Home DIY Projects: The versatility of the kit makes it perfect for various home DIY projects, offering all the necessary tools in one package.
-- Electrical Repairs: With an adjustable temperature soldering iron and other essential tools, users can carry out a range of electrical repairs with ease.
-- Jewelry Making: The precision tools included in the kit make it ideal for intricate tasks such as jewelry making.
-- Circuit Board Welding: The kit's high-quality soldering iron and additional accessories make circuit board welding a breeze.
-- Crafts Creation: The diverse range of tools and features enable users to explore their creativity in crafts creation, from decorative pieces to functional items.

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