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22pc Compact Electronics Repair 60W Soldering Iron Tool Set Kit including Fine Wire Cutters
SKU: DT37003


Experience the power of precision and efficiency with this comprehensive soldering iron tool set. Designed for intricate electronics repair tasks, this kit is a perfect blend of functionality and convenience. It caters to the needs of both professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts, ensuring that every repair job, big or small, is handled with utmost care and accuracy.

The kit is a treasure trove of essential tools for circuit board and gadget repairs. From an adjustable temperature soldering iron to a pick and scrape tool, every single item in the kit has been carefully selected to facilitate seamless soldering operations.


PRECISION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - The highlight of this kit is the 60W soldering iron that comes with five different tips. Whether you need a round, needle, knife edge, flat edge, or oblique edge, this kit has got you covered. The adjustable temperature feature of the iron ensures that you can work on a variety of materials without causing any damage.

A COMPLETE SOLDERING SOLUTION - Alongside the versatile soldering iron, the kit includes a solder sucker pump and a 10g soldering wire. These components work together to provide a complete soldering solution, making it easy to repair PCBs, circuits, and gadgets. The kit also includes a flip-up soldering iron stand and a sponge cleaner to keep your tools in top shape.

ADDITIONAL TOOLS FOR ADDED CONVENIENCE - But this kit is not just about soldering. It also includes a scalpel handle with five spare blades, a pick and scrape tool, and a pair of compact needle nose pliers. There's also a pair of angled precision tweezers for handling small components, and a triangle pick prying tool for those hard-to-reach corners. To top it all, the kit comes with a meter each of black and red 22AWG wire, making it a truly comprehensive repair solution.


• 60W Soldering Iron with Adjustable Temperature: Provides precise heat control for a variety of materials.
• Five Soldering Iron Tips - Round, Needle, Knife Edge, Flat Edge, Oblique Edge: Ensures versatility in soldering operations.
• 10g Soldering Wire: Essential for creating strong, reliable solder joints.
• Solder Sucker Pump: Helps in removing excess or unwanted solder.
• 4.5in Compact Snips: Useful for cutting and snipping wire.
• Angled Precision Tweezers: Facilitates handling of small parts.
• Pick and Scrape Tool: Ideal for removing solder residue and cleaning surfaces.
• Scalpel Handle and 5 Spare Blades: Useful for precision cutting tasks.
• 1m Black Wire and 1m Red Wire (22AWG): Essential for various electronics repairs.
• Flip-up Soldering Iron Stand: Provides a safe spot to rest the hot iron.
• Soldering Iron Sponge Cleaner: Helps in maintaining the longevity and performance of the soldering iron.
• Triangle Pick Prying Tool: Handy for prying open devices.


-- PCB Repair: The soldering iron, solder wire, and sucker pump make it ideal for repairing printed circuit boards.
-- Gadget Repair: The precision tools like tweezers and needle nose pliers are perfect for handling small components in gadgets.
-- DIY Electronics Projects: The versatile soldering iron and the variety of soldering tips make it suitable for various DIY electronics projects.
-- Home Repairs: The comprehensive nature of this kit makes it a handy toolset for various home repairs involving electronic devices.
-- Workshop Use: Given the range of tools and the convenience it offers, this kit is ideal for professional technicians working in workshops.

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