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41pc Electronics and Soldering Iron Repair Tool Kit Set including Wire Strippers and Pick-up Tools
SKU: DT30284


Equip your toolbox with a comprehensive set offering precision, versatility, and professional-grade quality. This toolkit is designed to handle a diverse array of tasks related to computer and electronic equipment maintenance and repair.

This set presents a robust combination of tools, from soldering essentials to wire manipulation instruments, all housed in a convenient storage case. It's an investment that empowers everyone from homeowners to professional technicians, enabling them to perform precise, efficient work on a wide variety of projects.


QUALITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - The set includes a 30W Soldering Iron, designed for precision work in soldering tasks. It is complemented by a coil of solder that is a balanced mix of tin and lead, equipping users to kickstart their projects. A de-soldering pump or 'solder sucker' is also included, proving invaluable when it comes to removing excess solder.

ESSENTIAL EXTRAS - In addition to the core soldering tools, the kit contains a range of supporting instruments. These include double-sided soldering assist tools for manipulating solder and wires, precision long-nose pliers and diagonal cutting pliers for wire work, and a 3-in-1 tool that functions as a wire stripper, wire crimper, and screw and bolt cutter. Two precision screwdrivers are also included, ideal for household electronics and handheld devices.

ORGANIZATION AND CONVENIENCE - All tools are neatly organized in a sturdy storage case, ensuring they're ready for use whenever needed. The kit also includes a number of handy extras such as precision tweezers, a 3-prong retrieving tool, an IC inserter/extractor, a magnetic telescopic pick-up tool, a telescopic inspection mirror, parts tubes and boxes, and zip cable ties. These additional components enhance the functionality of the set, ensuring users have everything they need for their projects.


• 30W Soldering Iron: Designed for precision soldering tasks.
• Coil of Solder (50% tin, 50% lead): Ideal for starting various projects.
• De-Soldering Pump: Useful for removing excess solder.
• Soldering Iron Stand: Provides safe storage for the soldering iron.
• 2 x Double-sided Soldering Assist Tools: Excellent for manipulating solder and wires.
• 2 x Precision Long-nose / Diagonal Cutting Pliers: Ideal for cutting and pulling wires.
• 3-In-1 Wire Stripper / Wire Crimper / Screw and Bolt Cutter: Versatile tool for wire and bolt work.
• 2 x Precision Screwdrivers: Perfect for household and handheld electronics.
• Magnetic Bit Driver & 15 x Piece CRV Screw Bits: Offers a range of bit sizes for different tasks.
• 2 x Precision Tweezers: Useful for handling small parts.
• 3-prong Retrieving Tool: Great for grabbing wires and small parts.
• IC Inserter / Extractor: Ensures safe handling of computer chips.
• Magnetic Telescopic Pick-up Tool: Excellent for picking up lost parts.
• Telescopic Inspection Mirror: Helps inspect difficult areas.
• 2 x Parts Tube and Box: Keeps small parts organized.
• 20 x Zip Cable Ties: Useful for organizing and securing wires.
• Storage Case: Provides a secure and organized place to store all tools.


-- Computer Maintenance: The set's precision tools and soldering essentials make it ideal for routine computer maintenance and repair.
-- Electronic Equipment Repair: With tools designed for precision, this set is perfect for repairing a wide variety of electronic equipment.
-- DIY Projects: An invaluable toolkit for any DIY enthusiast, providing all the necessary tools for a variety of home projects.
-- Professional Use: A comprehensive set that caters to the needs of professionals in the electronics repair industry.
-- Home Repairs: With its range of screwdrivers and wire tools, this set is also perfect for general home repairs.

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