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13pc Chisels, Angled Knives & Gouges for Wood Carving & Crafting Set for DIY Craftwork & Hobbyists.
SKU: DT30331


Perfect for all things woodcraft, with a selection of chisels, knives, and gouges. Embark on any DIY woodworking project, from chip carving to whittling. The set is versatile enough for use on a variety of materials, including popular crafting woods, soapstone, clay, or even pumpkin.

Whether for a seasoned carver or a beginner, this set features 12 of the most popular types of blades for DIY projects, all made from SK2 Carbon Tool Steel for accurate cutting and shaping. Includes a whetstone for easy maintenance and a splash-proof Oxford Cloth weave fabric case.


A WORLD OF WOODCRAFT - Discover the joy of woodcraft with this versatile set. With palm-sized chisels, angled knives, and gouges at your disposal, you can tackle any project from chip carving to relief carving, whittling, and even pumpkin carving.

QUALITY AND DURABILITY - Crafted from SK2 Carbon Tool Steel, each blade in this set guarantees precise cutting and shaping. These pre-sharpened blades are user-replaceable and maintain their sharpness with occasional oiling and re-sharpening using the included whetstone.

COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE - The ergonomic design of the handles ensures comfortable handling and precise control in detail work. Each tool comes with a plastic cap for safe storage and blade protection, and the entire set is housed in a compact, pocketable zipper case for easy carry and storage.


• SK2 Carbon Tool Steel: This is a high-quality alloy renowned for its hardness and resistance to impact loads. The 41mm/1.6in long pre-sharpened blades ensure accurate cutting and shaping. These blades are user-replaceable, but note that extreme pressure at the handle’s ferrule may cause the blade to flex.

• Annatto Wood Handles: The 120mm/4.7in long handles are lightweight at only 15g and feature a polished faux-mahogany finish. They also have a flattened base for light mallet or palm tapping.

• Skewed Chisels/Knives: This set includes 5 pieces with sizes of 7.8, 7.2 (double skew), 6, 5.5, 3.3mm.

• Flat Straight Chisels: This set includes 3 pieces with sizes of 7.2, 7.2 (rounded), 4.3mm.

• Flat U-Gouge Out Cannel Bevel: This set includes 3 pieces with sizes of 8.8, 6.8, 5mm.

• V-Parting Chisel: This set includes 1 piece sized at 5.8mm.

• Whetsone: Sharpen the the blades to maintain a working lifetime of use for the next project


-- Custom Woodworking Projects: Perfect for hobbyists wanting to create unique wooden pieces, the variety of blades allows for intricate designs and detailed work.

-- Soapstone Sculpting: Artists working with soapstone will find the carbon steel blades ideal for carving and shaping this soft stone without dulling.

-- Clay Modeling: The set's precision tools enable sculptors to detail and texture clay models, making it a versatile choice for pottery and ceramic artists.

-- Seasonal Craftwork: Ideal for crafting seasonal decorations such as custom-carved pumpkins, offering both beginners and seasoned carvers the tools needed for creative expression.

-- Educational Workshops: Great for use in educational settings where students can learn wood carving and crafting techniques using tools designed for accuracy and safety.

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