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134pc Complete Wood Working & Carpentry Set with Chisels, Mallet, Pliers, Hex Key and Bit Sets. Complete in Tool Box Case


This comprehensive 134-piece woodworking and carpentry set is meticulously compiled to include the most essential tools for a wide range of woodworking tasks. Encased in a compact tool container, it offers unmatched mobility for craftsmen on the move, ensuring that the right tool is always at hand for any project.

Equipped with an extensive array of chisels, mallets, pliers, hex key, and bit sets, this kit caters to both professional carpenters and DIY enthusiasts alike. The thoughtfully selected tools ensure precision and efficiency in every woodworking endeavor, from intricate carvings to robust constructions.


EVERY TOOL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - This all-encompassing set ensures that every necessary tool is within reach, whether on-site or in the workshop. With 134 pieces, including a variety of chisels, bit sets, and pliers, users can tackle any woodworking project with confidence.

DESIGNED FOR MOBILITY - The compact tool container simplfies tool transport and storage. Its streamlined design not only makes moving from one job site to another hassle-free but also keeps tools organized and protected against damage.

PRECISION AND DURABILITY - Each tool is crafted for optimal performance and longevity. From the finely honed chisels to the robust mallet and precise pliers, this set promises accuracy and resilience, enhancing the quality of work and the satisfaction of craftsmanship.


• 3-piece Tool Container -- Compact for easy mobility
• 61-piece Bit-Safe -- For woodworking precision
• 41-piece Woodcraft Compact Set -- Comprehensive tool range for various tasks
• 9-piece Long Key Set -- With holding function, for tight spaces
• 9-piece Hex Key Set -- Metric, with holding function, for increased torque
• Hand Holder -- Extra slim with flexible shaft
• Multigrip Pliers -- 250mm, versatile gripping capacity
• Combination Pliers -- 160mm, for varied applications
• Carpenters’ Pincers -- 210mm, for strong, precise grip
• Spirit Level -- 25cm, for accurate leveling
• Carpenters’ Mallet -- 105mm, for controlled strikes
• Bevelled-edge Chisel -- Sizes: 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 26mm, for detailed woodwork
• Cutter Knife -- For precise cuts
• Deep Hole Marker -- For accurate marking
• Folding Wooden Yardstick -- 2m, for measuring
• Claw Hammer -- For general carpentry use


-- Detailed Carpentry Work -- Precise chisels and markers cater to intricate designs.
-- Construction Projects -- Robust tools like hammers and pliers ensure structural integrity.
-- Furniture Making -- A variety of chisels and measuring tools enable precise dimensions.
-- Home Improvement Tasks -- Comprehensive toolset supports a wide range of DIY projects.
-- Professional Workshops -- High-quality, durable tools meet the demands of daily use.

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