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14pc Wood Carving & Crafting Set for Craftwork & Hobbyists with Chisels, Angled Knives & Gouges. Includes 4pc Sharpening Stones and Fabric Case


Embark on a journey into the world of woodcraft with this comprehensive 14-piece carving and crafting set, designed to cater to both novices and seasoned artisans. This kit not only includes a variety of chisels and gouges but also comes complete with sharpening stones and a durable fabric case, ensuring that creativity never has to pause.

Crafted for those who appreciate the art of wood carving, this set offers an array of tools for intricate designs and detailed work. Its inclusion of sharpening stones guarantees that each piece remains precise and effective, housed within a fabric case for easy organization and transport.


START YOUR CARVING JOURNEY - This collection is the perfect gift for beginners, offering 12 distinct chisel shapes to explore the basics of wood carving. The tools are small, safe, and remain sharp, providing a solid foundation before advancing to more professional equipment.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND DURABILITY - With handles crafted from polished wood, each tool is ergonomically designed for comfort and control. The chisel heads, made from hardened steel, promise longevity and reliability, honed and buffed cutting edges ready for any project.

PORTABILITY AND PROTECTION - Each set is thoughtfully packaged in a protective roll-up plastic box, making it easy to carry and store. Ideal for carpenters, artists, and hobbyists alike, this kit ensures that inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime.


• 1 x 1/2" wood chisel
• 1 x 1/4" wood chisel
• 1 x 1/4" round nose chisel
• 1 x 1/4" square wood chisel
• 1 x 1/4" skew wood chisel
• 1 x 1/4" diamond point chisel
• 1 x 1/4" curved chisel
• 1 x 1/4" U gouge
• 1 x 1/2" wood turning gouge
• 1 x 1/2" straight gouge
• 1 x 1/2" parting tool
• 1 x 9/6" straight gouge
• 4pc Sharpening stones
• Fabric zipper carrying case


-- Artistic Carving: Ideal for artists looking to create detailed sculptures or decorative items.
-- Furniture Making: Perfect for crafting or restoring wooden furniture with precision.
-- Hobby Projects: A great starter kit for DIY enthusiasts embarking on wood crafting hobbies.
-- Educational Tools: Excellent for teaching beginners the fundamentals of wood carving techniques.
-- Professional Carpentry: Essential for professional carpenters needing reliable tools for fine work.

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