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1pc 2m Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler with 12-Sided Angle Measurement and 3-Hole Templates
SKU: DT40581


Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, this versatile measuring tool is a testament to durability and precision. Resistant to rust and wear, it promises longevity, ensuring that it remains a reliable companion for all your DIY projects for years to come.

Designed with ease of use in mind, this tool features an innovative 3-hole positioning system and adjustable metal knobs. It aims to simplify the process of measuring and cutting materials, saving valuable time and boosting productivity. The inclusion of laser-engraved scales in both metric and imperial systems underscores its commitment to accuracy.


PREMIUM QUALITY - This tool's distinct edge lies in its robust construction. Made from a durable aluminum alloy, it is resistant to falling, wear, and corrosion. These qualities ensure that the tool can be used over an extended period without any worries about damage or wear. As a result, users can rely on it for consistent performance, regardless of the intensity or frequency of use.

EASE OF USE - The tool is designed for maximum convenience. Its 3-hole positioning system and six adjustable metal knobs enable users to easily shape the tool to their needs. Once the desired shape is locked in, it can be placed on the material to be cut for quick and easy marking. This design not only saves time but also boosts work efficiency and productivity, making the tool an invaluable asset in any DIY project.

PRECISION AND VERSATILITY - Thanks to its laser-engraved scale, the tool offers highly visible and precise measurements. The scale is resistant to wear and corrosion, ensuring that it remains clear and accurate even after prolonged use. Furthermore, the tool's ability to adapt into various shapes makes it incredibly versatile. Whether it's woodworking, construction, or engineering projects, this tool can handle them all with ease.


• Material: High-quality aluminum alloy, resistant to wear and corrosion.
• Design: Features 3-hole positioning system with diameters of 45mm, 40mm, and 25mm.
• Adjustability: Comes with six adjustable metal knobs for easy shaping.
• Laser-Engraved Scale: Highly visible and precise, resistant to wear and corrosion. Offers measurements in both metric and imperial systems.
• Versatility: Can be folded and adjusted into various shapes for different needs.


-- DIY Home Improvement: This tool's ease of use and precision make it an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts undertaking home improvement projects.
-- Woodworking: With its ability to adjust into various shapes, it can handle a wide range of woodworking tasks with ease.
-- Construction Projects: Its robust construction and versatility make it a reliable tool for construction projects.
-- Engineering Tasks: The tool's precision and adaptability make it suitable for a variety of engineering tasks.
-- Professional Use: Given its durability and versatility, this tool is an excellent addition to any professional toolkit.

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