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100ft Battery Self-Levelling Laser Line Level with Magnetic Bracket and Soft Carry Bag
SKU: DT10706


Elevate precision projects with an innovative self-levelling laser line level, expertly designed for optimum convenience and accuracy. This tool boasts a lightweight design, 100ft working distance and adjustable brightness settings, making it a versatile companion for any task.

Outfitted with a unique magnetic bracket, this device can be fixed anywhere to meet diverse requirements. The tool's user-friendly features include a low battery indicator and a variety of operational modes, ensuring seamless utility for both indoor and outdoor applications.


UNMATCHED ACCURACY AND CONVENIENCE - With a capability to project a 110° horizontal and vertical line, this device ensures precise measurements every time. Its lightweight design, coupled with an IP54 dust and water-resistant rating, makes it highly durable and easy to handle, even in challenging environments.

VERSATILE ADJUSTMENTS - This device offers four brightness adjustment gears under power-saving mode, allowing users to adapt to different working environments. It provides clear visibility, with the green laser line being four times brighter than the red beam, extending its indoor working distance to 100 feet.

SMART DESIGN FEATURES - The unique magnetic bracket lets users fix the device anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience. Additionally, the device's low battery indicator alerts users about the need for a battery change, preventing disruptions during work. The device also offers self-leveling, manual, and pulse modes, catering to various user needs.


• Laser Level: Class II, <5mW Power Output, Horizontal Accuracy ±3mm at 10m (± 1/8In. at 33 Ft), Self-Leveling within 4°, Manual and Pulse Modes, 2 x AA Batteries.
• Magnetic Bracket: Unique magnetic suction device, offers 1/4"-20 mounting thread.
• Laser Wavelength: 630-670nm for Red beam 505-550nm for Green beam.
• Leveling/Compensation Range: 4°±1°.
• Working Distance (Line): 15m for Red beam 30m for Green beam.
• IP Rating: IP54 dust and water resistant
• Operation Temperature Range: -10℃ - +50℃.
• Storage Temperature Range: -25℃- +75.
• Handy Carry Bag/Pouch


-- Ensures precise alignment when hanging pictures or installing shelves, providing a professional finish.
-- Facilitates accurate tile alignment during installation, guaranteeing a level and neat arrangement.
-- Assists in achieving precision when cutting or joining materials in carpentry projects.
-- Useful in construction projects for accurate leveling and alignment of materials.
-- Excellent in DIY projects, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

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