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2pc 5, 10" Contour Profile Gauges for Woodworking, Flooring and Carpentry
SKU: DT40576


Crafted for precision and durability, this set of contour profile gauges is a must-have tool for woodworking, flooring, and carpentry tasks. Engineered with a high-intensity aluminum core and anti-corrosive ABS plastic, these gauges promise longevity and resistance to deformation, making them a reliable addition to any toolkit.

These contour profile gauges are not just about durability; they offer an easy-to-use design that facilitates accurate shape duplication even for complex or odd-shaped profiles. Coupled with an adjustable tightness feature and a robust metal locking system, these gauges provide a blend of versatility and precision that appeals to both novice and experienced handypersons.


BUILT TO LAST - These contour profile gauges are designed using a high-intensity aluminum core encased in anti-corrosive ABS plastic. This combination results in a tool that is not only strong and lightweight but also resistant to scratches and deformation. Its weather-resistant nature further enhances its durability, making it a reliable tool for any carpentry, woodworking, or flooring project.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - One of the key features of these gauges is their adjustable tightness. A tightening screw allows users to adjust the tightness of the plastic pins to their needs, eliminating worries about them being too loose or too tight. The ease of adjustment, facilitated by an Allen wrench, coupled with a simple lock-trace-trim-cut operation, makes these gauges extremely user-friendly.

PRECISION AND VERSATILITY - The gauges excel in accurately duplicating shapes, even those of winding pipes, circular frames, and ducts. They are ideal for various applications, including fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, wood flooring, and more. The metal locking system retains the original shape without deforming, ensuring accurate shape duplication and transfer.


• 2pc Contour Profile Gauges: For accurate shape duplication.
• High-Intensity Aluminum Core: Ensures durability and strength.
• Anti-Corrosive ABS Plastic: Provides resistance to scratches and deformation.
• Adjustable Tightness: Facilitates easy adjustment of plastic pins with Allen wrench.
• Metal Locking System: Retains the original shape without deforming for accurate shape transfer.


-- Woodworking: The gauges can duplicate the shape of intricate wood profiles for precise cutting.
-- Flooring Installation: They are ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, and wood flooring.
-- Carpentry: Useful for duplicating shapes for moldings and baseboards.
-- DIY Home Projects: The ease of use makes these gauges a handy tool for various home improvement projects.
-- Construction: Given their durability and precision, these gauges are useful in professional construction tasks.

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