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21pc Wood Carving & Crafting Set with Cut- Resistant Gloves, Cutting Mat and Wood Blocks in a Roll Up Bag


This comprehensive 21-piece wood carving and crafting set is the ultimate toolkit for artisans and hobbyists alike. Each piece, from the ergonomically designed walnut handles to the smooth pine wood blocks, ensures a seamless experience in bringing creative visions to life.

With a diverse range of tools including various knives and a polishing kit, alongside safety essentials like cut-resistant gloves, this set caters to both intricate detail work and broad strokes. Packaged in a convenient roll-up bag, it embodies the perfect blend of functionality and portability for projects on the go.


UNPARALLELED COMFORT - Experience the difference with handles crafted from premium walnut wood, finished with a layer of varnish for a softer grip. Designed for prolonged use, these tools reduce hand fatigue, allowing for longer, more enjoyable crafting sessions.

DIVERSE TOOLKIT - This set boasts an array of 11 different shape-size knives, each serving a unique purpose in the wood carving process. From detailed designs to broad carvings, the included polishing compound, leather strop, and wood blocks ensure a complete solution for any project.

SAFETY MEETS CONVENIENCE - Safety is paramount in any crafting endeavor. Equipped with anti-slip, cut-resistant gloves and a durable cutting mat, this set prioritizes user protection. All tools and accessories are neatly organized in a canvas roll-up bag, offering both secure storage and easy transport.


• Hook Knife: Ideal for concave cuts
• Chip Knife: Perfect for small, intricate designs
• Detail Knife: Tailored for fine detail work
• Straight Knives (Small & Big): Versatile for general carving
• Flat Round Knife: Smooths surfaces effortlessly
• Semicircle Knives (Small, Mid, Big): For rounded cuts
• Oblique Knives (Small & Big): Angled cuts made easy
• Polishing Compound: Enhances the finish
• Leather Strop: Sharpens and polishes blade edges
• Wood Blocks x4: Creamy soft pine, knot-free
• Cut-Resistant Gloves: Anti-slip for enhanced safety
• Canvas Roll Bag: Durable and portable


-- Halloween Pumpkin Carving: Offers precision for creative designs.
-- Wood Carving Projects: Provides tools for every stage, from roughing to detailing.
-- DIY Cutting and Grinding: Adaptable tools for a variety of materials.
-- Clay Sculptures: The detail knives enable intricate sculpting.
-- Wood Wall Decorations: Encourages artistic expression on larger canvases.

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