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25pc Trim Panel Upholstery Removal, Pry Bar, and Long Reach Tool Set. Includes Air Wedges
SKU: DT30164


This comprehensive 25-piece set is a must-have for any vehicle owner. The kit, which is suitable for use on all types of vehicles, includes an array of tools designed to make life easier. From trim panel upholstery removal and pry bars to long reach tools and air wedges, this set has it all. The tools are housed in a conveniently portable storage bag, ensuring they are always at hand when needed.

The set is not just practical but also essential. Equipped with professional-grade tools for various purposes, it provides roadside assistance, allowing users to deal with emergencies quickly and without causing damage to their vehicle. It truly is a lifesaver in a kit.


PROFESSIONAL-GRADE TOOLS - This kit is an assortment of professional-grade tools, perfect for roadside emergencies. It allows users to handle unexpected situations in minutes, without inflicting damage to their vehicle. The kit is easy to operate and contains everything needed to get the job done efficiently.

VERSATILE LONG REACH TOOLS - The set includes high-quality solid steel construction long reach tools. Their unique screw rivet design enhances stability and prevents bending. Comprising a handle rod, grabber rod, and two extension rods, these tools can be assembled in three different sizes to cater to various needs. When fully assembled, they reach up to 65 inches.

COMPREHENSIVE TOOL SELECTION - The kit features a non-marring 5 1/2" large wedge, four auto trim removal tools, and two air pump wedges. These tools are perfect for a range of tasks, from installing audio and wireless circuit boards to adjusting windows, doors, cabinets, appliances, furniture, plumbing, and more. The trim removal tools are harmless to car paint, ensuring a smooth modification process.


• Emergency Tools Kit: Professional-grade tools for car repairs, lockouts and roadside emergencies.
• 4pc Long Reach Tools: Solid steel construction, unique screw rivet design, includes handle rod, grabber rod, two extension rods and four connectors. Assembles in three sizes, reaches up to 65 inches when fully assembled.
• 2pc Mini Wrenches
• Non-Marring Wedge: 5 1/2" large plastic wedge that doesn't cause scratches or damage.
• 7pc Trim Removal Pry Bar and LeverTools: Seven plastic auto trim removal tools, suitable for various tasks. Harmless to car paint.
• 8pc Mini Hooks, Clips and Pin Tools: Precision tools for radio/audio installation tasks.
• Air Pump Wedges: Two air pump wedges for precise leveling and alignment needs.
• Short Reach Steel Shaft Trim Removal Tool: 23cm (8 inch) length, clawed head, pivot point for leverage, ergonomic ABS handle.
• Portable Storage Bag: Ensures proper storage of all tools.


-- Roadside Emergencies: The professional-grade tools are perfect for dealing with unexpected situations on the road.
-- Installing Audio and Wireless Circuit Boards: The trim removal tools allow for smooth installation without damaging the car paint.
-- Adjusting Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Appliances, Furniture, Plumbing: The air pump wedges meet all precise leveling and alignment needs.
-- Trim Panel Upholstery Removal: The pry bar and long reach tools make removal a breeze.
-- Transport and Storage: The portable storage bag ensures tools are always at hand and properly stored.

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