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3pc Steel Pry Bar Set - 8, 12, 18" Sizes
SKU: DT30171


Crafted from heat-treated carbon steel, this three-piece pry bar set is perfect for household and DIY tasks. The robust construction, complemented by a powder-coated enamel finish, ensures the tools withstand the rigors of everyday prying and lifting tasks.

The ergonomic design features a rubber grip that enhances comfort during use. This feature, coupled with the full-length carbon steel shafts, provides added strength and control, making these tools an indispensable addition to any home or garage DIY setup.


DURABILITY - The tools are constructed from heat-treated carbon steel, a material renowned for its strength and robustness. A powder-coated enamel finish further enhances their durability, ensuring they can withstand regular use in various environments.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The pry bars feature ergonomic rubber grips that offer comfort during use. This design aspect, combined with the full-length carbon steel shafts, offers added strength and control. These features make the set ideal for tackling a variety of prying and lifting tasks.

CONVENIENT STORAGE - A wall-hanging holder accompanies the set, providing an easy and accessible storage solution. This feature ensures that the pry bars are always within reach, ready for the next DIY project or repair task.


• Heat-Treated Carbon Steel Construction: Ensures strength and stiffness.
• Powder Coated Enamel Finish: Enhances durability and resistance to wear.
• Full-Length Carbon Steel Shafts: 8, 12, 18" Sizes. Provides added strength and control.
• Ergonomic Rubber Grips: Offers comfort during use.
• Wall-Hanging Holder: Ensures easy and accessible storage


-- Ideal for various home improvement tasks due to their robust construction and comfortable grips.
-- Perfect for garage work due to their strength and resilience.
-- Suitable for DIY projects that involve prying or lifting.
-- Useful for repair tasks due to their full-length carbon steel shafts.
-- Convenient for tasks that require tools to be within easy reach, thanks to the accompanying wall-hanging holder.

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