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38pc Trim Panel Upholstery Removal, Plastic Pry Levers, Audio Keys Tools & Auto Clip Pliers
SKU: DT10496


This comprehensive tool set, comprising 38 pieces, is expertly designed for a plethora of applications, including automotive, marine, furniture, and aircraft trim removal. The tools are crafted from impact-resistant nylon, ensuring no damage or scratches to car paint during use. These features, coupled with an ergonomic design, make the set time-efficient and labor-saving for various interior and exterior car trimming tasks.

The set comes with a portable zipper pouch for convenient storage, reducing the risk of tool loss. It includes a variety of tools like trim removal tools, clip removal pliers, fastener remover, precision hook pick, stereo removal tools, and auto terminal removal key tool, making it a versatile choice for any toolkit.


WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - This trim removal toolset, boasting 38 different tools, is perfect for Automotive, Marine, Furniture or Aircraft Trim removal and installation. From door panels and moldings to window trims, clips, and car audio/radio stereo systems , this set has got it all covered.

CAR-FRIENDLY TOOLS - The tools in this set are made of impact-resistant nylon material, ensuring no scratches or damage to car paint during the modification process. This feature makes the toolset a safe choice for car owners who care about the aesthetics of their vehicle.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The toolset adopts an ergonomic design, which is super lightweight and easy to handle. This feature makes the set a time and labor-saving solution for various interior and exterior car trimming tasks.


• Trim Removal Tools: 11 pieces, made of impact-resistant nylon.
- Multi-purpose usage
- Comes with a storage pouch
• Trim Clip Removal Pliers: 1 piece, constructed from nylon.
- Useful for removing trim clips
- Ensures no damage to the clips
• Car Foil Small Scraper Tool: 1 piece, crafted from nylon.
- Useful for scraping off car foil
- Ensures no damage to the car paint
• Upholstery Fastener Remover: 2 pieces, made of nylon.
- Removes upholstery fasteners without causing damage
• Precision Hook Pick: 4 pieces, constructed from nylon.
- Includes straight, 45° and 90° angled picks and a circular hook
- Comfort handle shape for maximum grip
• Stainless Steel Stereo Removal Tools: 8 pieces.
- Useful for removing car stereo systems
- Made of durable stainless steel
• Stainless Steel Auto Terminal Removal Key Tool: 11 pieces.
- Easily removes wires from terminal blocks without damage
- Essential for car repairing


-- Automotive Trim Removal: The variety of tools makes this set perfect for removing and installing automotive trim.
-- Marine Trim Installation: The tools are also suitable for marine trim installation tasks.
-- Furniture Assembly: The set can be used for assembling and disassembling furniture.
-- Audio Systems Installation: The variety of tools in the set makes it suitable for audio/radio systems installation tasks.
-- General DIY Tasks: With its wide range of tools, the set is an excellent choice for various DIY tasks

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