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2pc 16oz Black Rubber Mallet and 35mm Double-Faced Soft Mallet, both with Fibreglass Handles
SKU: DT30173


Crafted with attention to detail, these mallets are designed for durability and resilience. The innovative embedded process technology ensures a firm connection between the mallet head and the handle, enhancing safety during prolonged use.

Constructed from environmentally-friendly rubber, these mallets offer high wear resistance and maintain their original form even after extensive use. Their well-balanced weight and robust design coupled with the convenience of a hang hole make them the go-to tools for various applications.


DURABILITY - The superior construction of these mallets guarantees longevity. The use of an innovative embedded process technology provides a stronger bond between the mallet head and handle, surpassing traditional glued counterparts in terms of durability and safety.

HARD-WEARING MATERIALS - These mallets are made from environmentally-friendly, oil-resistant rubber. This material not only offers excellent resilience and high wear resistance but also ensures the mallets retain their original appearance even after thousands of uses.

VERSATILITY AND CONVENIENCE - With their well-balanced weight and robust design, these mallets are easy to handle and operate. The inclusion of a hang hole allows for convenient storage. Available in two sizes, they cater to a wide range of needs, including home maintenance, construction, woodworking, and automotive applications.


• Embedded Process Technology: Ensures a firm connection between the mallet head and handle.
• Hard-Wearing Rubber: Offers high wear resistance and retains its original appearance even after extensive use.


-- Home Maintenance: Due to their robust design and durability, these mallets are ideal for various home maintenance tasks.
-- Construction: The high wear resistance and resilience of these mallets make them suitable for construction projects.
-- Woodworking: Their well-balanced weight makes them perfect for woodworking applications.
-- Automotive Applications: The oil-resistant rubber construction makes these mallets ideal for automotive applications.
-- Storage: The hang hole allows for convenient storage when the mallets are not in use.

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2pc 16oz Black Rubber Mallet and 35mm Double-Faced Soft Mallet, both with Fibreglass Handles
SKU: DT30173

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