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4pc 24, 16, 12, 8oz Fibreglass Handle Rubber Mallets. Soft Hammering for Flooring, Tent Stakes, Woodworking and Camping
SKU: DT30170


Experience the versatility of a robust rubber mallet set, designed with a shock-absorbing fiberglass handle for superior control. The head, constructed from durable rubber, ensures longevity and resilience.

The mallets are an ideal solution for tasks requiring a soft touch. Their double-faced design enhances their adaptability, making them a valuable addition to any tool collection.


DURABILITY AND LONGEVITY - The heads of these mallets are crafted from high-quality rubber, ensuring durability and resistance to wear. The double percussion surface is designed for prolonged use, offering consistent performance across a wide range of tasks.

SHOCK-ABSORBING HANDLE - The handle, made from a blend of PP and TPR materials, effectively absorbs vibration, reducing strain on the arm. The non-slip grip is integrated directly into the handle, ensuring it stays firmly in place, even during heavy use.

WIDE APPLICATION - These mallets are versatile tools, ideal for a variety of applications. They are perfect for camping, flooring, tent stakes, woodworking, and any task requiring a soft blow that won't damage the surface being hit.


• Fiberglass Handle: Designed to absorb shock and reduce arm strain.
• Rubber Head: 24, 16, 12 and 8oz Heads. Durable and wear-resistant, designed for long-term use.
• Double Percussion Surface: Enhances versatility and performance.
• Non-Slip Grip: Directly integrated into the handle for security and comfort.


-- Camping: The mallets can be used to securely install tent stakes.
-- Flooring: Ideal for fitting floorboards without causing any damage.
-- Woodworking: Perfect for assembling joints or driving chisels without damaging the wood.
-- Metalworking: Useful for shaping sheet metal and knocking components into place without creating sparks.
-- Automotive Repair: Can be used to tap parts into place without causing any damage.

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4pc 24, 16, 12, 8oz Fibreglass Handle Rubber Mallets. Soft Hammering for Flooring, Tent Stakes, Woodworking and Camping
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