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38pc Driver Bits and Metric Socket Set Including Ratcheting Handle
SKU: DT40507


The highlight of this driver bits and metric socket set is in its comprehensive range and adaptability. It boasts an array of 38 pieces, encompassing an assortment of 6-point sockets, slot/flat, Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, and Hex bits. The inclusion of a non-slip grip chunky ratcheting handle enhances the functionality, ensuring a firm hold and efficient power transfer.

Designed for precision and durability, every component in this set promises reliable performance. The diverse selection of bit sizes caters to a broad spectrum of fasteners, making this toolset a versatile addition to any DIY arsenal. The robust construction of each piece ensures longevity, providing a dependable solution for various tasks.


VERSATILITY AND VARIETY - This set's strength lies in its variety. With 38 pieces designed for different tasks, it stands ready for any project. The array of 6-point sockets, slot/flat, Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, and Hex bits caters to a wide range of fasteners. Whether it's assembling furniture or repairing appliances, this set has the right tool for the job.

COMFORT AND CONTROL - The non-slip grip chunky ratcheting handle is a standout feature. Designed for comfort and control, it ensures a firm grip and efficient power transfer, allowing for smooth operations. Paired with a socket adaptor, it facilitates easy switching between sockets, enhancing the set's functionality.

RELIABILITY AND PRECISION - Crafted for durability and accuracy, each component in the set delivers reliable performance. The diverse selection of bit sizes ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of fasteners. The robust construction of each piece guarantees longevity, making this set a long-lasting solution for various tasks.


• Non-Slip Grip Chunky Ratcheting Handle: Designed for comfort and control, allows efficient power transfer.
• 6-Point Sockets (9 pieces, 4mm to 12mm): Ensure a secure grip on fasteners.
• Slot/Flat Bits (5 pieces, SL3-SL7): Ideal for flat-head screws.
• Phillips Bits (4 pieces, PH0-PH3): Designed for Phillips head screws.
• Pozidriv Bits (4 pieces, PZ0-PZ3): Perfect for Pozidriv screws.
• Torx Bits (7 pieces, T10-T40): Suitable for Torx screws.
• Hex Bits (7 pieces, H1.5-H6): Designed for hexagonal screw heads.
• Socket Adaptor: Facilitates easy switching between sockets.


-- Assembling furniture: The variety of bits can handle any type of screw found in flat-pack furniture.
-- Repairing appliances: The set's versatility makes it ideal for fixing a range of household appliances.
-- DIY projects: From building a bookshelf to setting up a home office, this set has got it covered.
-- Professional use: Its robustness and versatility make it a valuable addition to any professional toolkit.
-- Automotive maintenance: The wide range of bit sizes can cater to various automotive repair tasks.

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