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3pc 14", 8" Bolt Cutters and 8" Wire Cutters Set. Includes Carrying Case
SKU: DT30359


Presenting a comprehensive set of cutting tools, designed for precision and durability. This collection includes a 14-inch bolt cutter, an 8-inch mini bolt cutter, and an 8-inch cable cutter, each constructed with high-frequency hardened cutting blades.

Encased in a sturdy carrying case, these cutters are primed for enduring harsh use and tackling hard metals. With strengthened rivets ensuring firm connection and longer service life, these tools are a testament to robust engineering and meticulous craftsmanship.


UNPARALLELED DURABILITY - Each tool in the set is manufactured with T8 steel blades that have undergone overall heat treatment and high-frequency quench hardening. This treatment not only provides superior hardness but also ensures the cutters resist damage even when used on hard metals.

PRECISION ENGINEERED - The 14-inch bolt cutter doubles as a lock cutter and wire cutter, offering multifunctional utility. The 8-inch mini bolt cutter, fortified with strengthening rivets, won’t easily fall off, making it ideal for heavy-duty operations.

VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY - The 8-inch cable cutter, capable of slicing through copper wire, aluminum wire, medium hard wire, and soft wire, rounds out this set. Its precision and range make it an invaluable addition to any professional or DIY toolkit.


• 14" Bolt Cutter: Features hardened cutting blades, suitable for cutting bolts, wires, and locks.
• 8" Mini Bolt Cutter: Equipped with strengthening rivets, ideal for heavy-duty operations.
• 8" Cable Cutter: Designed for cutting copper wire, aluminum wire, medium hard wire, and soft wire.
• Material: Cutting blades made from T8 steel, undergone heat treatment and high-frequency quench hardening.
• Reinforced Shell Zipper Carrying Case.


-- Construction Work: For cutting through bolts and wires during building and renovation projects.
-- Home Repairs: Ideal for DIY enthusiasts for a variety of home repair tasks, such as fixing electrical wiring or repairing garden fences.
-- Professional Electricians: Useful for electricians to strip and cut electrical wires with precision.
-- Automotive Repairs: Mechanics can use the bolt cutters to remove rusted bolts during vehicle maintenance.
-- Cable Installation: Perfect for professionals installing cable lines, the cable cutter can easily slice through copper and aluminum wires.

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