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4pc 20" Hand Saw, 12”Hack Saw, 6" Wallboard Saw and 10" Mini Hacksaw Set
SKU: DT11105


Presenting an all-encompassing set of four handsaws, tailored to meet a wide range of cutting needs. From a 20" general-purpose handsaw to a specialized 6" drywall saw, this collection is a testament to versatility and quality. The set also includes a 12" hacksaw and a compact mini hacksaw, each designed to deliver precision and durability.

Each tool in this set boasts an ergonomic handle, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. The handsaw features induction-hardened teeth for long-lasting sharpness, while the hacksaws come with multi-function double-teeth blades. Encased in a sturdy carrying case, this ensemble promises efficiency, durability, and convenience.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - The set comprises four different types of handsaws, each tailored for specific tasks. The 20" handsaw, ideal for general DIY sawing needs, features an exclusive tooth geometry for fast, clean cuts. The 12" hacksaw and 10" mini hacksaw are equipped with multi-function double-teeth blades, suitable for both wood and metal.

ADJUSTABLE AND AGILE - The 12” hacksaw allows adjustable blade angles of 45 and 90 degrees, catering to diverse needs. The 6" drywall saw, made from 65# Mn Steel, is perfect for wood, drywall, and plasterboard. Its thick-body blade offers exceptional rigidity for better cut control, while the Tri-Ground Teeth ensure fast, smooth cutting.

SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP - Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, sturdy high carbon steel, and manganese steel, these tools promise high hardness, durability, and solidity. The ergonomically designed TPR handle ensures secure and comfortable cutting, reducing hand fatigue, saving strength, and improving work efficiency.


• 20" Handsaw: Exclusive tooth geometry for fast, clean cuts. Induction hardened teeth for long-lasting sharpness.
• 12" Hacksaw: Equipped with a 300mm multi-function double-teeth blade suitable for both wood and metal. Adjustable blade angles of 45 and 90 degrees.
• 10" Mini Hacksaw: Comes with a 250mm Bi-metal HSS Blade.
• 6" Drywall Saw: Made from 65# Mn Steel, ideal for wood, drywall, and plasterboard.


-- General DIY Tasks: The 20" handsaw is perfect for all general-purpose DIY sawing needs.
-- Woodworking: The 12" hacksaw, with its adjustable blade angles, is ideal for intricate woodworking projects.
-- Metalworking: The 10" mini hacksaw, equipped with a bi-metal HSS blade, is designed to cut through metal efficiently.
-- Drywall Installation: The 6" drywall saw is tailor-made for cutting through drywall and plasterboard.
-- Prolonged Use: Thanks to the ergonomic handle design, these tools are suitable for tasks requiring extended use.

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