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5pc PVC Pipe, PEX Pipe Cutter& Mini-Tube Cutter Set. Includes Spare Blade and 3pc PTFE Tapes
SKU: DT30362


Experience the versatility of a comprehensive pipe cutter set, crafted for various applications and materials. With a cutting range to fit PVC, PEX, and thin copper pipes, this kit is a one-stop solution for any pipe cutting needs. The set's components, including a replacement blade and sealing tapes, enhance its utility and longevity.

The set's robust construction, featuring durable hardness aluminum alloy steel, ensures reliable performance. Precision-sharpened blades made from SK5 material provide clean cuts, while an easy blade replacement system offers added convenience. The presence of a safety lock boosts user safety, making this set a reliable choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


DURABLE & RELIABLE - Discover the durability of a pipe cutter set constructed from hardened aluminum alloy steel. Precision-sharpened SK5 blades ensure clean cuts, while the Teflon coating on the PVC cutter blade enhances durability and performance.

VERSATILITY AND SAFETY - Experience the convenience of a comprehensive set capable of handling PVC, PEX, and thin copper pipes. A safety lock feature enhances user safety, while an easy blade replacement system offers added convenience.

EFFICIENT OPERATION - With a ratcheting drive and arch angle design, this set ensures efficient operation. The spring-loaded handle offers a reliable grip, enabling fast cutting and improved work efficiency.


• PVC Pipe Cutter: Durable hardness aluminum alloy steel, 2.5mm SK5 blade, Cutting range up to 1-5/8 inch (42mm)
• PEX Pipe Cutter: Durable hardness aluminum alloy steel, Cutting range up to 1-1/4-inch (31mm)
• Mini-Tube Cutter: Suitable for thin copper pipes, Cutting range 1/8inch to 7/8inch (3-22mm)
• Spare Blade: 1pc included in the set
• PTFE Seal Tapes: 3pc included in the set


-- Perfect for DIY projects: The versatility of this set makes it a valuable addition to any home handyman's toolbox.
-- Ideal for plumbers: The ability to handle different types of pipes makes this set a must-have for any professional plumber.
-- Suitable for electricians: The precision and efficiency of these tools make them an excellent choice for electrical installations involving pipe cutting.
-- Essential for vehicle mechanics: The robust construction and wide cutting range make this set perfect for automotive repairs and maintenance.
-- Great for home renovations: The comprehensive nature of this set makes it a go-to solution for any pipe cutting needs during home renovation

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