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3pc Magnetic LED Pick-Up & Mirror Tool Set with Tray
SKU: DT40109


With an arsenal of specialized tools designed to retrieve and inspect, this kit is a savior for those pesky out-of-reach items. Watch as it effortlessly retrieves dropped screws, bolts, keys, and more from the most inaccessible areas.

Equipped with a powerful Neodymium alloy magnet, it commands a strong pull on steel items. With the added benefit of an integrated LED light, it illuminates dimly lit spaces, making the search and retrieval process a breeze.


TAKE A CLOSER LOOK - The telescopic mirror tool in this kit is a game-changer for inspecting hard-to-reach areas. It's 51mm/2in round mirror sits on a double-ball hinge joint allowing complete freedom of rotation and tilting. This tool extends to a total length of 545mm/1ft9-1/4in, making it perfect for viewing obstructed or hidden areas.

LIGHT THE WAY - The integrated LED light within the magnet at the tip of the telescopic pick-up tool illuminates dark areas for easier searching. Simply twist the end-cap to turn the light on or off. This LED light, combined with a tool that extends to an end-end length of 820mm/2ft1in, ensures no lost item remains unfound.

KEEP IT TOGETHER - The kit also includes a magnetized tray for storing all loose components and accessories. This tray sticks to metal surfaces, even upside-down, ensuring easy access and preventing small parts from getting lost.


• Telescopic Pick-Up Tool: Stainless steel 5-section shaft, total extended length of 0.82m / 32.5in, lifting capacity of 3.6kg/8lb
• Telescopic Mirror: 4-section shaft, total extended length of 0.54m / 21.3in, mirror diameter of 53mm / 2in
• Magnetic Mini Tray: Affixes to metal surfaces, keeps small parts secure even when tipped


-- Retrieval of dropped metal tools or components in workshops or garages.
-- Inspection of hard-to-reach areas under furniture or inside appliances.
-- Use in kitchens for retrieving dropped utensils or keys.
-- Illumination of dark spaces during inspections in dimly lit areas.
-- Safe storage and easy access to small parts and accessories.

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