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3pc Magnetic Pickup, Inspection Mirror and Flexible Claw Grabber
SKU: DT12029


Discover the convenience of having versatile tools at your fingertips. This set includes a flexible grabber with a 24-inch reach and a 4-claw design, perfect for retrieving objects from hard-to-reach places. The set also comes with a telescoping magnetic pickup tool, extending from 6 inches to over 27 inches, effortlessly lifting metal objects up to 3 lbs.

The included inspection mirror, with its extendable handle ranging from 8 to 21.5 inches, offers easy viewing in tight spaces. The mirror is designed with a rotating neck, enabling customized positioning to suit individual needs. Each tool in this set is designed to make tasks easier and more efficient.


UNMATCHED VERSATILITY - This all-in-one set brings together three incredibly useful tools. The 24-inch flexible grabber boasts four retractable claws that act like a dexterous catcher, easily grabbing rubbish or useful objects. It's an ideal tool for reaching items in tight spaces or picking up dropped screws and nails.

TELESCOPIC DESIGN - The second tool in the set is a telescopic inspection mirror, which can extend from 8 inches to over 21 inches. Its rotating neck allows the user to adjust the mirror's position, making it an invaluable tool for inspecting hard-to-reach areas or diagnosing potential issues in machinery or vehicles.

MAGNETIC PICKUP TOOL WAND - Completing the set is a magnetic pickup tool, featuring a robust magnetic head capable of lifting up to 3 lbs. The stick extends from 6 inches to 27 inches, making it easier to pick up metal objects like bolts, nuts, or hardware tools.


• Flexible Grabber: 24-inch length, 4-claw design, bendable stainless-steel body
• Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool: extends from 6 inches to 27 inches, lift capacity up to 3 lbs
• Inspection Mirror: extends from 8 inches to 21.5 inches, rotating neck for adjustable viewing


-- Retrieving Dropped Items: The flexible grabber can retrieve dropped screws or nails in hard-to-reach places.
-- Inspecting Machinery: The inspection mirror is perfect for diagnosing potential issues in machinery or vehicles.
-- Picking Up Metal Objects: The magnetic pickup tool can easily pick up bolts, nuts, or hardware tools.
-- Cleaning: The flexible grabber can be used to pick up rubbish in difficult-to-reach areas.
-- DIY Projects: The set is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast, offering tools for a wide range of tasks.

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