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3pc Magnetic Tool Holder Strip Rack Set
SKU: DT12034


A clutter-free workspace is a productive one. This magnetic strip set offers an efficient solution to keep tools organized and within reach. Engineered with robust neodymium magnets, these strips firmly hold onto any ferrous object, keeping workbenches clear and tools off the floor.

Boasting an impressive weight capacity, the solid steel flat frame can support individual tools up to 22 lbs. The set includes three sizes - 8", 12", and 18", catering to different needs and spaces, ensuring a tidy and streamlined workspace.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL ORGANIZER - The versatility of this magnetic holder goes beyond just storing knives. It's a comprehensive solution for organizing screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits, and other tools in workshops or tool sheds. The magnetic bar revolutionizes tool organization, creating a highly efficient system for frequently used tools.

HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY - The strength of this magnetic bar is unparalleled. Designed with a solid steel flat frame and a fully magnetic surface powered by a potent neodymium magnet, it can support several tools, each weighing up to 22 lbs. It's a heavy-duty solution for substantial tool organization needs.

WIDE APPLICATION AND EASY INSTALLATION - Whether it's a garage, home, or workplace, these magnetic tool holders fit perfectly, enhancing tidiness and productivity. Pre-punched mounting holes ensure perfect alignment and facilitate easy installation. They can be fastened to walls, cabinets, peg boards, or any convenient location.


• Sizes: 8", 12", 18" - Catering to different needs and spaces
• Material: Solid Steel Flat Frame - Ensuring durability and longevity
• Fully Magnetic Surface - Efficiently holds tools in place
• Weight Capacity: Up to 22 lbs - Suitable for heavy tools
• Pre-punched Mounting Holes - Facilitates easy installation


-- Garage: Keep tools off the floor and within easy reach, enhancing productivity.
-- Home: Organize kitchen utensils like knives and scissors, saving counter and drawer space.
-- Workshop: Efficiently arrange frequently used tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and drill bits.
-- Retail Stores: Display metallic products in an organized and accessible manner.
-- Schools: Arrange art and craft tools in classrooms, promoting a tidy learning environment.

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