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3pc Torpedo Spirit Level Set, 9", 16" & 24" - Shock Resistant Design
SKU: DT10701


Boasting an impressive shock-resistant design, this three-piece spirit level set offers unparalleled precision and durability. The set includes a 9" level encased in light metal with a slim form, along with 16" and 24" levels featuring a lightweight yet sturdy box beam frame and smooth sides.

Each level comes equipped with three easy-to-read leveling bubbles at 45°, 90°, and 180°, ensuring accurate measurements in any environment. High-visibility green bubbles provide clear and intuitive readings, making these tools indispensable for any professional or DIY project.


ROBUST AND DURABLE - This three-piece spirit level set is designed to endure. With a shock-resistant end-caps, each tool promises longevity. The 9" level features a light metal casing, while the 16" and 24" levels come with a strong box beam frame design. All levels are lightweight yet extremely sturdy, perfect for heavy-duty use.

PRECISION GUARANTEED - Accuracy is key when it comes to construction and DIY projects. Each level contains three easy-to-read leveling bubbles at angles of 45°, 90°, and 180°. The high-visibility green bubbles ensure precision and ease of use. With an accuracy of 0.055 or 1.0 mm/1m, these levels promise exact measurements every time.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS - Designed for a wide range of uses, this set is ideal for decoration, home furnishings, woodworking, and personal wood processing. Whether measuring locations on a wall, spacing between hangers, leveling nails, or window level measurement, these levels are the go-to tools for aligning and leveling tasks.


• 9" Spirit Level: Light metal, slim form.
• 16" Spirit Level: Lightweight, aluminium alloy box beam frame design.
• 24" Spirit Level: Lightweight, aluminium alloy box beam frame design.


-- Aligning pictures or shelves on a wall, ensuring a leveled and professional look.
-- Checking the level of furniture during assembly, guaranteeing stability.
-- Measuring the space between hangers in a closet, ensuring even distribution.
-- Leveling nails during construction projects, ensuring accurate and secure fastening.
-- Checking window levels during installation, ensuring proper fit and function.

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