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42pc Precision Driver Bit Set including Handle
SKU: DT40525


Introducing a comprehensive, high-quality driver bit set that is essential for any toolkit. This expansive set includes 42 precision bits, covering a wide range of types and sizes to cater to diverse needs. The precision bit handle features a non-slip grip and a free-spinning end cap, ensuring comfortable use and precise control.

The set also includes a 76mm extension bar that fits perfectly inside the bit handle, further extending the tool's reach and applicability. All pieces are neatly stored in a flip-top tray case for easy access and organization, making this set an ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


VERSATILITY AT HAND - This precision driver bit set stands out with its versatility. It covers a broad range of bit types, including Slot/Flat, Torx, Pozidriv, Hex, Triangle, Tri-point, and Pentalobe. This ensures that users have the right tool at hand for any task, from assembling furniture to repairing electronics.

OPTIMIZED FOR COMFORT AND CONTROL - The precision bit handle is designed for comfort and control. Its non-slip grips ensure a secure hold during use, while the free-spinning end cap allows for effortless turning and precise control. With an included 76mm extension bar that fits seamlessly into the bit handle, this set maximizes reach and flexibility during operation.

STORAGE MADE SIMPLE - Keeping track of all these precision bits is easy with the included flip-top tray case. This compact and robust case keeps all the bits organized and easily accessible. It's perfectly portable, making it ideal for both stationary workshops and on-the-go repairs


• Precision Bit Handle: Non-slip grips with a free-spinning end cap
Key Features: Comfort, Precision
• 76mm Extension Bar: Fits inside Bit Handle
Key Features: Extended Reach, Compatibility
• 42 Precision Bits: Includes Slot/Flat, Torx, Pozidriv, Hex, Triangle, Tri-point, and Pentalobe in various sizes
Key Features: Versatility, Comprehensive Range
• Storage: Flip-top tray case for easy organization and access
Key Features: Portability, Organizatio


-- Electronics Repair: The precision bit handle and extension bar allow users to work in tight spaces, making this set suitable for electronics repair.
-- DIY Projects: The comprehensive range of bits and the ease of use make this set a favorite tool among DIY enthusiasts.
-- Professional Use: The high-quality materials and variety of bits meet the demands of professionals in various fields.
-- On-the-Go Repairs: The compact storage case makes this set easy to carry, making it a handy tool for on-the-go repairs

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