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4pc Circlip Snap Ring Pliers Set - 7", Straight/Bent Jaw, Internal/External, Carbon Steel, Storage Pouch
SKU: DT40376


Crafted from high-grade 1045 steel, this 4-piece snap ring pliers set is engineered for enduring performance. The kit encompasses a collection of 7-inch heavy-duty internal and external circlip pliers, each tailored with straight or bent jaws for varied applications.

The set is designed with an ergonomic approach, featuring anti-skid, oil-resistant PVC coated plastic handles that ensure a firm grip. Enhanced with a reset spring design, these tools promise effortless operation, reducing hand fatigue and boosting efficiency.


HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - The pliers in this set are constructed from 1045 steel, a material renowned for its strength and durability. The handles are covered in a PVC coating, providing excellent grip and resistance to oil, ensuring the tool's longevity and consistent performance.

ENGINEERED FOR EFFICIENCY - Each pair of pliers features a reset spring design. This innovative feature allows the tool to bounce back to its original position after each use, reducing hand fatigue and increasing work efficiency. It's a design element that makes these tools stand out in the market.

VERSATILE UTILITY - This 4-piece pliers set is a versatile addition to any toolbox. Whether it's machinery maintenance, industrial assembly, or DIY home repairs, these tools are adaptable to a variety of tasks. Their multi-use functionality makes them a valuable asset for professionals and hobbyists alike.


• Clamp Pliers: Crafted from robust 1045 steel
- Straight Internal pliers: 6.88inch / 17.5cm
- Bent Internal clamp :6.49inch / 16.5cm
- Straight External pliers :7.08inch /18cm
- Bent External clamp :6.69inch / 17cm
• Handle: Ergonomically designed, PVC coated plastic for enhanced grip and oil resistance
• Weight: Lightweight at just 1.67LB / 760 g
• Clamp Mouth Diameter: Precise 0.066inch /1.7mm opening for secure operation


• Industrial Maintenance - Due to their robust construction, these pliers are ideal for maintaining and repairing industrial machinery.
• Home DIY - The versatile nature of these tools makes them perfect for various home DIY tasks.
• Appliance Repair - Their precise clamp mouth diameter allows for safe and effective appliance repair.
• Automotive Work - The set's heavy-duty nature suits the rigorous demands of automotive repair and maintenance.
• Electronics - With their precise grip, these pliers are perfect for delicate tasks in electronics repair.

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