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4pc Aluminium 90 Degree Right-Angle Corner Single-Handle Clamp Vise Tools
SKU: DT30278


Craftsmanship and precision are the foundations of successful woodworking and carpentry projects. This set of durable 90-degree corner clamps, crafted from premium aluminum alloy, brings these principles to life. With a heat-treated, rust-proof coating, these clamps promise abrasion resistance, heavy-duty use, and longevity.

The versatility of these clamps is further enhanced by a clamping range of up to 70mm, making them suitable for various materials including metal tubes, steel rods, wood, thick glass, and acrylic pieces. Designed to cater to different thicknesses, these clamps are a perfect companion for daily woodworking tasks or more complex cabinet clamping requirements.


ROBUST AND DURABLE - These 90-degree corner clamps are made of premium aluminum alloy die-cast material. Their heat-treated, rust-proof coating ensures they are abrasion-resistant, heavy-duty, and durable, promising long-lasting use. The robust design can withstand rigorous use in various environments - whether it's a professional workshop or a home DIY project.

ADJUSTABLE AND VERSATILE - With a maximum clamping range of approximately 2.75 inches, these clamps are versatile enough to accommodate metal tubes, steel rods, wood, thick glass, and acrylic pieces. The single-handle jaw can rotate in two ways, allowing for the joining of two different thicknesses of rods or blocks at a 90-degree angle. This unique feature ensures precise fixing of workpieces, enhancing the overall quality of the output.

COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT - The clamps are designed with an ergonomic TPR coated handle. This rubberized single handle offers a comfortable grip and prevents slippage during use. It allows for quick setup and secure fastening, enhancing both efficiency and user experience. This combination of comfort and convenience makes these clamps an invaluable tool for any woodworking project.


• Material: Made of premium aluminum alloy die-casting material with heat-treated rust-proof coating.
• Clamping Range: Maximum clamping range is approximately 2.75in/70mm.
• Jaw Width: The jaw width is 3.74in/95mm.
• Jaw Depth: The jaw depth is 1.4in/35mm.
• Adjustable Swing Jaw: The single-handle jaw can rotate in two ways, accommodating two different thicknesses at a 90-degree angle.
• Ergonomic TPR Coated Handle: The handle is rubberized and coated with TPR for a comfortable, non-slip grip.


-- Assembling Wood Boxes: Ensures precise 90-degree angles, making the assembly process easier and more efficient.
-- Cabinet Installation: Provides secure and accurate alignment during cabinet installation.
-- Picture Frame Construction: Allows for precise measurements and alignments, ideal for constructing picture frames.
-- Furniture Assembly: Offers quick setup and secure fastening, perfect for assembling furniture.
-- DIY Home Decor Projects: User-friendly design and precise measurements make these clamps suitable for various DIY home decor projects.

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