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4pc Carpenter Mechanical Pencil Scriber Set. Includes Finger Grip, Sharpener and 6pc Lead Refill Set
SKU: DT30274


Introducing a versatile tool set that revolutionizes the way professionals and DIY enthusiasts undertake their projects. The kit, complete with finger grip, sharpener, and a six-piece lead refill set, is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for marking and tracing on multiple surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, and tiles.

The orange-colored body of the mechanical pencil scriber ensures it's easy to locate amid the clutter of a work project. With its 6mm fine point and 43mm length, it's capable of reaching into any hole for precise marking. When the lead is extended, it can even trace in holes as small as 2.8mm.


MULTI-SURFACE COMPATIBILITY - The unique composition of the leads provided with this set allows users to effortlessly mark on various surfaces, from concrete and metal to wood and tiles. The yellow leads are specially designed for visibility on darker surfaces, offering superior performance and versatility compared to ordinary dry leads. This wide-ranging compatibility makes the set an invaluable asset for professionals across trades, from carpentry and masonry to general handiwork.

PRACTICAL DESIGN AND PRECISION - The mechanical pencil scriber included in this set is not just robust and accurate; it's also incredibly practical. Its distinctive orange color makes it easily visible even in the middle of a busy project. The built-in clamp allows it to be securely attached to the user's pocket, ensuring it's always within reach. As for keeping the lead sharp, the integrated sharpener, conveniently located at the top of the lead holder pen, ensures a consistently sharp lead for precision work.

ENHANCED ERGONOMICS FOR COMFORT - The newly redesigned finger grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, making writing easier than ever before. The grip is removable, allowing for quick conversion to deep hole marker mode. This 3-in-1 functionality ensures that users always have the right tool on hand, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the set comes with a total of seven leads—enough to handle a substantial amount of work.


• Mechanical Pencil Scriber: Robust and precise with a 6mm fine point and 43mm length.
• Finger Grip: Enhances comfort and control during use and can be removed for deep hole marking.
• Lead Sharpener: Integrated into the lead holder pen for convenient sharpening.
• Clamp: Allows the pencil to be securely attached to a pocket.
• 6pc Lead Refill Set: Includes seven leads (one gray lead in the pencil and four gray and two yellow leads in the refill pack) for extensive work.
• Yellow Leads: Designed for visibility on dark surfaces.


-- Marking on Dark Surfaces: The yellow leads are perfect for tracing on dark surfaces like metal and concrete.
-- Detailed Woodwork: The fine point and extended lead allow for precise marking in woodworking projects.
-- Large-Scale Projects: The inclusion of seven leads ensures the tool is ready for substantial amounts of work.
-- Professional Use: The versatility and practical design make it ideal for carpenters, masons, and other tradespeople.
-- DIY Home Projects: The easy-to-use design and included sharpener make it suitable for DIY enthusiasts tackling home improvement tasks.

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