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4pc Snap Ring Pliers with 4 Interchangeable Heads
SKU: DT40388


Crafted from high-carbon steel for enhanced durability, this versatile tool set is designed to handle a wide range of snap ring sizes. The pliers can efficiently remove and install the most frequently used types of circlips and snap ring retainers, making it an essential addition to any toolbox.

The unique feature of this set is its interchangeable heads. Each plier can be equipped with straight, 45-degree, or 90-degree heads, allowing for adaptability in various situations. Combined with comfortable vinyl grip handles, this tool promises ease of use alongside superior performance.


VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST - This tool set's main advantage lies in its adaptability. Designed to work with snap rings ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 inches, these pliers can tackle a variety of tasks. The interchangeable heads further extend their versatility, making them suitable for both internal and external circlip applications.

SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY - High carbon steel forms the backbone of these pliers, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The jaws have a black industrial finish that not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also offers additional protection against wear and tear.

COMFORT AND EASE OF USE - These pliers are not just about performance; they also prioritize user comfort. The handles are covered with a vinyl grip, providing a comfortable hold even during extended use. This focus on user comfort makes these pliers a favorite among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.


• Material: High carbon steel, known for its strength and durability
• Length: Measures 6-3/4 inches, a comfortable size for handling
• Interchangeable Heads: Includes 2 x straight, 1 x 45º, and 1 x 90º heads, allowing for varied applications
• Compatible Snap Ring Sizes: Suitable for 3/8 in. to 2 in. snap rings, catering to a wide range of task


• Assembly and Disassembly - These pliers can be used to assemble and disassemble machinery, thanks to their ability to handle various snap ring sizes.
• Maintenance and Repair Works - The interchangeable heads make these pliers ideal for maintenance and repair tasks where different angles of approach may be required.
• DIY Projects - Their easy-to-use design and versatility make them a great tool for DIY enthusiasts.
• Automotive Repairs - These pliers can handle the rigors of automotive repair work, including the removal and installation of snap rings in vehicle assemblies.
• Appliance Repairs - The pliers' ability to work with different snap ring sizes makes them suitable for appliance repairs.

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