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51pc Driver Bit Set & Full-Length Handle in a Tray Case
SKU: DT40509


A driver bit and handle set of comprehensive range and adaptability. It boasts an impressive collection of 51 pieces, encapsulating a variety of screwdriver bits, all crafted from durable Chrome Vanadium. The inclusion of a soft rubber screwdriver handle enhances usability, ensuring a firm grip and efficient power transfer for any task at hand.

Designed with precision in mind, every component in this set promises reliable performance. The diverse selection of bit sizes caters to a broad spectrum of fasteners, making this toolset a versatile addition to any DIY arsenal. Its robust construction guarantees longevity, providing a dependable solution for various tasks.


A WORLD OF VARIETY - This set's strength lies in its variety. With 51 pieces designed for different tasks, it stands ready for any project. The array of slot, cross point, star, hex, square, spanner bits, and tri-winged bits caters to a wide range of fasteners. Whether it's assembling furniture or repairing appliances, this set has the right tool for the job.

PRACTICAL FUNCTIONALITY - The soft rubber screwdriver handle is a standout feature. Designed for comfort and control, it ensures a firm grip and efficient power transfer, allowing for smooth operations. Paired with a multitude of screwdriver bits, it facilitates easy switching between tasks, enhancing the set's functionality.

RELIABLE AND ROBUST - Crafted from Chrome Vanadium, each component in the set delivers reliable and durable performance. The diverse selection of bit sizes ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of fasteners. The robust construction of each piece guarantees longevity, making this set a long-lasting solution for various tasks.


• Soft Rubber Screwdriver Handle: Designed for comfort and control, allows efficient power transfer.
• Slot Bits (10 pieces, 3mm to 8mm): Ideal for flat-head screws, crafted from Chrome Vanadium.
• Cross Point Bits (9 pieces, PH0 to PH3): Designed for Phillips head screws, crafted from Chrome Vanadium.
• Star Bits (8 pieces, T8 to T40): Suitable for Torx screws, crafted from Chrome Vanadium.
• Hex Bits (8 pieces, 1.5mm to 6mm): Designed for hexagonal screw heads, crafted from Chrome Vanadium.
• Square Bits (4 pieces, 0 to 3): Perfect for square recess screws, crafted from Chrome Vanadium.
• Spanner Bits (3 pieces, sizes 4 to 8): Ideal for tamper-proof screws, crafted from Chrome Vanadium.
• Tri-Winged Bits (3 pieces, sizes 1 to 3): Suitable for tri-wing screws, crafted from Chrome Vanadium.


-- Assembling Furniture: The variety of bits can handle any type of screw found in flat-pack furniture.
-- Repairing Appliances: The set's versatility makes it ideal for fixing a range of household appliances.
-- DIY Projects: From building a bookshelf to setting up a home office, this set has got it covered.
-- Professional Use: Its robustness and versatility make it a valuable addition to any professional toolkit.
-- Automotive Maintenance: The wide range of bit sizes can cater to various automotive repair tasks.

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