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5pc DIY Measuring Tool Set
SKU: DT20602


Precision and accuracy are the hallmarks of an excellent craftsman. The selection of tools in this set caters to that very need, combining functionality with ease of use. The 230mm magnetic torpedo spirit level ensures flawless alignment while the carpenter's pencil and sharpener make marking easy and precise.

The 300mm tri square guarantees perfect right angles, a must-have for any serious woodworker. To complement these, a 5m measuring tape is included, making distance measurement a breeze. Compact yet comprehensive, this set is a valuable addition to any DIY toolkit.


PERFECT LEVELS AND MEASUREMENTS - Accuracy is key in any construction or DIY project. The 230mm magnetic torpedo spirit level in this package ensures perfect horizontal and vertical alignment every time. With its robust design and magnetic base, it firmly adheres to metal surfaces for hands-free use.

MARKING MADE EASY - Never misplace a mark again with the inclusion of a carpenter's pencil and sharpener. The pencil's flat design prevents it from rolling away, while the sharpener ensures clear, precise markings at all times.

PRECISE ANGLES AND DISTANCES - The 300mm tri square and 5m measuring tape together provide an unbeatable combination for accurate measurements. The tri square guarantees perfect right angles, and the tape measure extends up to 5 meters, ideal for larger projects.


• Magnetic Torpedo Spirit Level: Length - 230mm, Material - Not specified, Features - Magnetic base for adherence to metal surfaces
• Carpenter's Pencil: Length - Not specified, Material - Not specified, Features - Flat design to prevent rolling
• Pencil Sharpener: Compatible with - Carpenter's pencil
• Tri Square: Length - 300mm
• Measuring Tape: Length - 5m


-- Measuring and marking wood for furniture construction, ensuring accurate cuts and joints.
-- Checking the level of shelves during installation, guaranteeing a professional finish.
-- Marking cut lines on drywall, providing precise guidelines for modifications.
-- Measuring spaces for home improvement projects, ensuring a perfect fit.
-- Checking the square of frames or other angular constructions, maintaining structural integrity.

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