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5pc Geology Rock Tool Kit - Hammer, Masonry Chisel, Safety Glasses & Jeweller's Loupe
SKU: DT30176


Offering an all-inclusive solution for rock collectors and gem hunters, this five-piece kit contains essential equipment designed with the utmost attention to detail. Each tool in the kit is crafted to ensure durability and safety, making it a valuable addition to any hobbyist's collection.

The package includes a rock pick hammer, mason chisel, safety glasses, whistle, and a jeweler's loupe. The robust construction and thoughtful design of these tools make them ideal for various applications, from stone breaking to gold mining, catering to both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic beginners.


SUPERIOR QUALITY TOOLS - This kit is designed with premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. The rock pick hammer is made from one-piece all steel head-handle construction that's drop-forged for maximum strength. It has a fully polished finish and an additional rust-preventative clear coating.

SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE - The kit includes a shock-absorbent handle with a hand guard on the chisel, providing protection from overstrikes and missed hits. The safety glasses offer a clear lens for good visual effect, are splash-proof, and effectively block UV rays. A 3-in-1 whistle with built-in compass and thermometer adds convenience.

EDUCATIONAL AND FUN - The kit also comes with a plastic magnifying lens, which is great for close observation of items like insects, coins, rocks, and gem collection. It's not only a toolset but also a fun, educational resource to learn more about the surrounding environment


• 32oz Rock Pick Hammer: Drop forged one-piece all steel construction, fully polished finish with rust-preventative clear coating.
• 12" Mason Chisel: Shock-absorbent handle with hand guard, suitable for cutting, splitting, carving, and demolishing brickwork, concrete, metal, and stone.
• Safety Glasses: Clear lens, splash-proof, effective UV blocking, adjustable head belt.
• 3-in-1 Whistle: Includes a compass and thermometer.
• Jeweler's Loupe Hand Lens: 5X magnification, ergonomic handle.


-- Geology and Mining: The rock hammer and chisel are perfect for breaking rocks and minerals during geological field trips and mining expeditions.
-- Gem Hunting: The jeweler's loupe provides a close view of gemstones, helping to identify their properties and value.
-- Construction: The chisel is ideal for demolishing brickwork, concrete, metal, and stone in construction projects.
-- Safety: The safety glasses protect eyes from debris and harmful UV rays during outdoor activities.
-- Education: The magnifying lens encourages kids' curiosity and interest in nature and science.

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