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5pc Magnetic Pickups, Inspection Mirrors and LED Flashlight Tool Set
SKU: DT12030


Unveiling a dynamic range of tools that ensure no corner is left unexplored. With advanced features like powerful magnets, telescoping handles, and super-bright LED lights, these tools are designed to conquer challenges in any environment, dark or light, near or far.

Housed in a compact, portable tool bag made from durable 600D Oxford weave cloth, this set offers the convenience of carrying an array of tools in a small package. The bag's thoughtful design includes an extended hand strap and additional pocket with hook and loop fasteners for easy storage and transportation.


POWERFUL AND VERSATILE - The kit includes magnetic pickups that can extend up to 31 inches and can lift items up to 5 lbs. These tools are ideal for retrieving lost items in hard-to-reach areas, making them indispensable for projects in automotive repair, construction, and home improvement.

BUILT FOR COMFORT - Each tool is designed with an aluminum alloy telescoping handle that extends up to 34.65 inches. The handles are coated with anti-slip, oil-resistant plastic, ensuring a comfortable grip and effortless use. Coupled with the shockproof nature of the handles, users can work confidently, knowing they have reliable tools at their disposal.

ILLUMINATION AND REFLECTION - The set includes a flashlight equipped with three super-bright LED bulbs and a magnet head and base that swivel 360°. This versatile tool can illuminate and retrieve items in dark, narrow spaces. The kit also includes round and square inspection mirrors, complete with all-angled ball joints for free viewing and built-in LEDs for inspecting dark areas.


• Magnetic Pickup: Extends to 20 inches, 1lb pickup capacity
• Magnetic Pickup with LED: Extends to 31 inches, 5lb pickup capacity
• Inspection Round Mirror: 2-inch diameter, extends up to 29 inches
• Inspection Square Mirror with LEDs: 3-inch size, extends up to 39.2 inches
• Flashlight with Magnetic Pickup: Extends to 39.2 inches, equipped with three super-bright LED bulbs, 2.5lb pickup capacity
• Tool Bag: Made of 600D Oxford weave cloth, features an extended hand strap and additional pocket with hook and loop fasteners


-- Automotive Repair: The telescoping magnetic pickups are perfect for retrieving lost bolts or screws in hard-to-reach areas.
-- Construction: The inspection mirrors can assist in inspecting dark, narrow spaces in construction sites.
-- Home Improvement: The flashlight with a magnetic pickup is ideal for illuminating and retrieving items in dark corners during home improvement projects.
-- Electronics Repair: The smaller magnetic pickup can be used to retrieve small metal components during electronics repair.
-- General Maintenance: The tool bag makes it easy to transport and store the tools, making it ideal for general maintenance tasks.

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